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Assassin is not just a class — it’s a play style. Hide in plain sight, pin your target down, and deal a massive amount of damage. Sounds fun? Then the Assassin might be for you!

Assassins are highly valued for their DPS output, an asset that comes handy in both PvE and PvP. You can easily recognize one in battle by their use of evasion, stuns, and pattern engraving skills. One way to gain advantage against an Assassin is to exploit their low defense abilities — a lot of planning and in-combat timing is required to play an Assassin well.

Assassin Roles: Single-target DPSDebuffs, Crowd Control

aion classic assassin guide stats

What are Assassin’s best stats and what do they mean? Assassins have less mastery of their Agility and Accuracy, their ability to dodge and to hit (as well as crit hit) compared to a Ranger, but this allows them a significant increase in the Power attribute, which significantly improves their close-range combat.

Their Health attribute is still notably low. Also note that Assassins, alike Rangers and Gladiators, do not have much to show for mastery of magic and spellcasting.

Cloth / Leather
Daggers / Swords / Bows

What can I expect from playing an Assassin in Aion Classic? You can easily recognize an Assassin in battle with how much they rely on evasion, their mobility, and counterattacks that often come with a stun debuff against their opponent. Another glaring trademark is the Assassin’s Pattern Engraving — placement of a pattern on an opponent followed by its removal which releases its damage-dealing capabilities and status debuffs.

Assassins are great at countering CC with evasion and resisting skills, but this requires quite a bit of skill to master — Assassins have to work hard to defend themselves in close combat, and not timing the best moves correctly can leave an Assassin very vulnerable.

aion classic assassin guide playing assassin solo
aion classic assassin guide assassin solo abilities

Assassins are among the deadliest classes in Aion Classic when it comes to their DPS, making them a powerful character for all game modes — of course, requiring different approaches for each.

For solo play, expect Assassin to typically kill a few mobs before they can even deal any damage. Breaks will need to be taken in between, once the protective buffs of an Assassin run out.

Hiding, sneak attacks, bursts of damage, pattern engravings and explosion skills to cause stun or more damage — expect to be creative about your methods of defense. If you aren’t actively avoiding damage, you will probably be taking a lot of it even with high-level gear.

aion classic assassin guide assassin group play

Assassins provide excellent DPS in a group. Of course, in this setting an Assassin can maximize their damage-dealing skills since they do not have to worry about evading their opponents. For example, maintaining a position behind the enemy without the need to move increases damage with the use of backstabbing abilities.

Of course, an Assassin also needs to be aware of the possibility of stealing the aggro if they deal too much damage, so they might need to either balance the output, or invest into better gear for endgame play.

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