Aion Classic Flight and Gliding

Once a character reaches Level 10 in Aion Classic, they become capable of calling forth wings to fly and glide. Dedicated Flight Zones allow omnidirectional flight, while forward gliding can be done in any other area.

You can view your wings in full display at any time with the /wings and /victory emotes.

aion classic flying gliding outside flight zone gliding and ground

Less than half flight remaining

Wings grant 1 minute of flight time and a flight speed. Remaining flight time can be checked by hovering over the flight meter: a circular gauge located on the right side of the skill bar.

Being earthbound will passively recover flight time at a natural rate, which can be visually kept track of by the green bars of the meter. Flight potions will also restore flight time, but be warned — they cannot be used while gliding.

Unlike Gliding, Flying allows a character to ascend, descend, and otherwise have full movement control in three-dimensional space.

aion classic flying gliding flight available

Flight Available

aion classic flying gliding flight zone flying and gliding

Active in Flight Zone

The flight gauge will need to appear silver with a winged icon in order to be usable. There will be an accompanying sound effect to notify when a flight-accessible area is entered or exited. Clicking the flight meter will form the wings and turn the gauge yellow. Clicking them again will cause the wings to recede.

Nearly all skills are available to use while in flight, and flying characters can fight both monsters and other players (through duels or of the opposing faction).

However, many enemies may have attacks that lower flight time or clip wings entirely, so it is encouraged to fly low while fighting these enemies. Taking too much fall damage or falling for longer than five seconds will be lethal!

aion classic flight and gliding combat while flying 1

Gliding allows you to slowly descend from a higher altitude to cross long distances or safely land. You are unable to use your weapon or any skills while gliding. However, you can move up to as fast as your flight speed instead of your movement speed, preserving your initial momentum at first. The keybind by default is set to your spacebar, shared with your default jump button but can be changed to be independent.

There are two forms of gliding you can initiate depending on whether or not you are already flying, and you can only start gliding by being in the air (this includes immediately after jumping or while falling). You can toggle your gliding form during flight, and while you remain in the flight zone your flight meter will decrease at one-third of the rate. If you glide out of, or had already been outside a flight zone, your flight meter will decrease at twice the rate.

When you glide, you can only move forward in the direction you are facing, but you can control your speed and direction by leaning forward and veering left and right with your usual movement inputs and camera control. Be warned that having your movement or flight speed reduced, or being affected by a Physical Altered State (stun or knockback, for example), will clip your wings and force you to fall. Your altitude can also vary as you interact with updrafts.

Updrafts occur naturally, randomly, and invisibly, and they can be categorized under two types:

One type is a small updraft occurring when you are close to landing, which briefly slows your speed as you lift high enough to continue gliding — it is commonly referred to as bouncing. With practice, veering left and right in quick succession and knowing when to stop leaning forward can cause this small updraft to occur while keeping to your original direction.

This can become an effective method of increased traveling speed, or be used for easier fleeing or for chasing down enemies.

The second type of updrafts are larger and can occur randomly. These cause you to stall in the air but greatly increase your altitude. Although a detriment when chasing or fleeing, these larger updrafts are essential for reaching certain locations on mountains or other elevated structures.

aion classic flight and gliding upgraded wings

Wing feathers, or simply wings, are equippable items that grant extra flight time. Some can be purchased in Sanctum, for Elyos, and Pandaemonium, for Asmodians, for high amounts of kinah. Higher level armor pieces will incidentally grant additional flight time and flight speed, and it is possible to socket flight time-increasing manastones. Many players may want to consider investing in an extra set of armor socketed with as much flight time as possible if they have a focus on aethertapping and other non-combative, flying-intensive activities.

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