Aion Classic Combat: Physical Altered States

Various negative afflictions commonly referred to as Debuffs can be delivered or received by skill effects and weapon attacks. Among these debuffs are Physical Altered States, or Shock States, that incapacitate a character from moving and performing most skills (a notable exception being Remove Shock, available to all classes at level 40). With the exception of being stunned, a character can only be affected by one type of physical altered state at any given time.

aion classic combat psa aetherhold

The target is placed in an aetherhold, appearing lifted off the ground in a cage of wiry blue chains of aether. Certain skills are usable on targets while aerially thrust up, including skills that forcibly crash the target down early for increased damage.

aion classic combat psa capture

The target is grabbed and pulled from their position toward the attacker if the attack manages to deal at least 1 point of damage.

aion classic combat psa knock back

The target is knocked back slightly away from the source’s facing. Bows have a chance to knock back a target on a critical hit.

aion classic combat psa spin

The target is spun around in place. Also known as Rotation, certain skills deal more damage when used on the target’s back and are commonly used in follow-up.

aion classic combat psa stumble

The target stumbles onto the ground. Certain skills are usable on targets while they are knocked down. Greatswords, polearms, and staves have a chance to stumble a target on a critical hit.

aion classic remove shock

Remove Shock removes all shock states!

Each skill effect that causes the stun status is unique to the skill and will appear in the buff bar as the source skill’s icon. A stun can be overridden by another stun or by a different physical altered state, or can be layered over a target already afflicted by a status.

Several skills have additional effects when used on a stunned target, and can work off of any stun. Keep in mind that a target who is displaced into a different physical altered state from stun will prematurely remove the stun, but another stun can be placed after and while the displacement occurs.

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