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Chanters can offer some of the best buffs in the game to party members in their vicinity. Their mantras cannot be dispelled and can be combined to offer useful combinations that boost magic, physical attacks, critical rate, attack speed, resistances, HP and MP recovery, reduced cast times, and more.

In addition to their supportive abilities, Chanters can be played as a secondary DPS class depending on their chosen Stigma skills, when needed. On the other hand, they can function as a secondary healing class with a few of the healing spells they can offer.

Chanter RolesAoE buffs, HealingOff-tankOff-DPS

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What are the Chanter’s best stats and what do they mean? Just like Clerics, Chanters have their bonuses distributed in a balanced manner, excluding Accuracy and Agility. Unlike Clerics, Chanters have a slight advantage when it comes to Power and they can absolutely lean into their DPS side, dealing a significant amount of physical damage with a staff.

Still, Chanters do not have a lot of opportunity to deal bursts of damage alike a Gladiator or an Assassin, which means that their battles will go on for longer and the Chanter will need to heal themselves and watch their mana pool over time.

Cloth Leather Chain Shields
Maces Staves

What can I expect from playing a Chanter in Aion Classic? Chanters can benefit from their physical and magic stats alike: using magic with healing and support spells, including their mantras, and dealing physical damage with a knockdown chance upon a critical strike.

This balance ends up being a key ingredient to their success in solo PvE, and is quite useful for balancing parties in group play, whether they need more support or more damage.

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Like Spiritmasters, Chanters take their time defeating the mobs, but are ultimately one of the most effective PvE classes in Aion Classic because of that approach. When their health drops a bit too low, Chanters can take care of themselves with healing spells, while their chain armor mitigates the damage they receive.

Both are helpful with the Chanter being up close in their attacks, along with the wielding of a staff. Staff comes with a high critical hit rate and has the fastest attack speed amidst two-handed weapons, which highly benefits Chanter’s knockdown chance upon critical hit — so much so, that a Chanter wielding a staff could make a very effective lock-down class.

However, it should be noted that Chanters might struggle with fighting multiple opponents at once due to their low attack power.

chanter class aion classic group play

Chanters are a great way to balance off a group: they are always welcome as excellent buffers that can adapt to whichever bonuses would benefit the party depending on their composition and opponents, and they can certainly contribute with some effective single-target DPS and disabling using a staff.

Mantras do have a relatively short range, however, so a support Chanter will need to pay attention to their position during the battle, occasionally forcing them to pick whether they are focusing on attacking an opponent or following the group around. When Chanters do make full use of their many mantra buffs, however, it can make a very noticeable difference to the party’s sustain and performance.

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