Aion Classic Templar Class

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Templar is the ultimate tank of Aion Classic, so much so that they are temporarily able to go nearly invincible while keeping the enemy distracted.

Templars do have something to show in regards to dealing damage, but they are certainly on the bottom of the list when it comes to DPS rates. Ultimately, they are all about absorbing damage and keeping up enmity (aggro) to allow other party members to efficiently perform their own roles.

Templar Roles: Main tank, Crowd Control

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What are Templar’s best stats and what do they mean? Templar’s only best stat is Power, demonstrating their physical strength. Will isn’t far behind for when Templar needs to use some magic attacks and CC, helping with mana points and mana recovery.

The only skill Templar actually struggles with is Knowledge, limiting their spell damage and accuracy.

Cloth / Leather / Chain / Plate / Shields
Swords / Maces / Greatswords

What can I expect from playing a Templar in Aion Classic? Templars are pretty poor at dealing damage, but are fantastic at taking it. Templars have an impressive variety of defensive skills they can experiment with, creating their own style of play.

Templars that use a one-handed weapon and a shield can use their shield for chain skills, and a greatsword can be picked up to increase the damage output, but generally Templars will find themselves much more efficient within a group instead of trying to dispatch groups of opponents by themselves.

aion classic templar guide playing templar solo

Templars can be played solo, but after level 20 their DPS will significantly decrease compared to their defense skills. A greatsword could mitigate some of this, but you can expect Templars to have more drawn-out battles, should they choose to PvE alone. Using a sword and a shield can work as well, since after a successful block Templar can use the shield as a weapon through chain skills.

One bright bonus to this is rarely worrying about Templar’s health bar — they can face much tougher opponents by themselves, as long as their gear allows them to deal some damage.

aion classic templar guide solo and group capabilities

Templar is highly desirable to any party facing difficult opponents. Templars can hold as much enmity as necessary, using both their passive and active abilities. Their plate armor, as well as their defense skills, will make them an impenetrable wall, allowing their party mates to inflict any DPS, debuffs, or support tactics necessary behind the Templar’s shoulders.

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