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A heavy weight lies upon the Cleric’s shoulders — a required class in most areas of the game where any kind of group play is involved, a lot of expectations and responsibilities are laid upon this class.

A Cleric might be the party’s last resort after a TPK, or a Cleric might be the party’s leader when it comes to knowing the dungeon better than any other player to correctly time their supporting spells.

There is no other main healing class in the game, leaving the Cleric with all of the single-target and group heals, single-target and group debuff removal, shielding spells, healing-over-time spell, spells that increase resistances, and resurrection.

Playing Cleric, there is one fact you can always count on: you are important.

Cleric RolesHealingSupportDebuffs

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What are Cleric’s best stats and what do they mean? Clerics excel at their spell casting, but they also carry some surprising survivability. Between Cleric’s base health and their healing spells, they are very hard to take down.

However, take the higher Power and Knowledge stats with a grain of salt: Clerics can provide some some DPS with spells, damage-over-time abilities, or their sword and shield, but only to a limited degree.

Cloth Leather Chain Shields
Maces / Staves

What can I expect from playing a Cleric in Aion Classic? First of all, expect a lot of people to persistently type “heals??” into the chat as their health bar gets low and “res pls” after they inevitably die. A lot will be expected from you, and it might be quite difficult to keep up.

Cleric will need to pay attention to the battle situation as well as the health bar window, predicting which attacks are coming and who is most likely to get hit and to go down, to enact preventative measures.

In some boss fights it’s down to the Cleric to time their group healing and resistances based on their knowledge of the run. Sure, Clerics aren’t exactly in charge of the party’s success, but they absolutely are at the center of preventing its failure.

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Clerics will probably struggle in the same way as Templars do when it comes to their solo PvE. While Clerics can withstand a lot of damage with their heavy armor and efficient healing, their DPS is significantly lower.

One thing Clerics do have to help them out are their ranged attacks — maintaining healing and avoiding being hit in the first place could allow Clerics to perform better than some of the melee classes against tougher mobs. Clerics will have to spend some time resting in order to manage their health and mana pools, but skills such as Reverse Condition or Penance can speed some of that recovery time up.

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Clerics are superstars of the group play. They are very difficult to replace, and their role in the party is highly important. It starts with distributing buffs to the tanks and the DPS players. Cleric can do some CC and some DPS to contribute to the party’s performance.

Then come the heals: target heals, AoE heals, healing-over-time, and resurrection. Cleric will be essential at preventing party members from dying, but can also use their Rebirth to resurrect themselves after a full party kill, then resurrecting the other members instead of having to start over back at the beginning.

Finally, shielding and elemental resistances spells can help the Cleric mitigate the incoming damage to the party. At this level, Cleric has to balance protection and healing spells against their mana pool and the cooldown of the spells. There is no limit to mastering this class: each Cleric will have their own strategy and will adjust based on the party composition and the enemies being faced.

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