Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy Review – Wizardry in Stasis

There are many, many people who love Harry Potter. Who read all the books and watched all the movies growing up. People who adore the franchise, people for whom the Wizarding World means an incredible amount. And it is those…

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Hogwarts Legacy 7/12 Patch – Summer Hotfix

Hogwarts Legacy released a new patch today, aimed at fixing various bugs that have cropped up following last month’s Summer Update. The main fixes that the patch addresses are to ensure the “Dark Lightning Broom” can be obtained on old…

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Hogwart’s Legacy on Switch Doesn’t Have the Same Magic

With little fanfare, Hogwarts Legacy finally released on Switch today, and it came out about how one might expect on the weaker hardware. The game, with sprawling open worlds, truly next-generation graphics, and particle-effect-generating spells, was never going to port…

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New Trailer Shows Off Hogwarts Legacy Switch Port

Hogwarts Legacy is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 14th, undoubtably giving many Switch-owning Harry Potter fans an early Christmas present. While there was always some question as to how well the Switch hardware could handle Hogwarts Legacy, the…