History of Magic Class – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

History of Magic Class is an optional quest in Hogwarts Legacy. While waiting for the next phase in taking down Ranrok, why not go to class and learn some history?

  • Quest Type: Side Quest
  • Location: History of Magic Room, Bell Tower Wing, Hogwarts Castle (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards
    • 180 XP
    • Books and Cauldrons Shelf Conjuration

To begin History of Magic Class, you need to go into the classroom and attend the class. Take the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame and go up the stairs south, then through the door in front of you. Then, just ahead, you will find the classroom. Walk partway into the room and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to begin the quest.

During the class, your character will start struggling to stay awake. When this happens, quickly move playstation button left stick all directions left and right until you’re fully awake again. After the cutscene, Professor Binns will walk out of the class — follow him and the rest of the class until you reach the Bell Tower Courtyard. Once you reach it, you will start a conversation with him, and he will ask you to find two Field Guides Pages.

For the rest of this quest, you cannot leave the Bell Tower Courtyard, or you will abandon the quest.

The Field Guide Page about Grimbald Welf will be just south of the Floo Flame — you will see a display featuring a skull. To reveal the page, you’ll have to cast Revelio while standing right in front of it. Once it’s revealed, grab it and you will get into a conversation with Professor Binns. After you’re done speaking with him, you will have to find the next page.

To find this Field Guide Page, go up the stairs on the north side of the room, then up the stairs just to the right of them. The page will be all the way on the left, in front of the knight that will wave hello to you. Cast Revelio while standing in front of it, and you can collect the Field Guide Page.

Once you have the Field Guide Page, return to Professor Binns, who will now be in the center of the Bell Tower Courtyard. Speak to him to learn a little more about Sir Affpuddle.

hogwarts legacy history of magic class binns

After speaking with him, you will have completed History of Magic and have a new Conjuration for your Room of Requirement!

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