Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Professor Garlick is reaching out again, promising to teach you the spell Flipendo if you assemble a gaggle of lethal and dangerous plants. In this quest, you will use all the different herbology combat items, and grow a specific ingredient. If you haven’t been growing them already, it’s going to be a big hit to your galleons.

Much like Professor Garlick’s last assignment, you will need to acquire combat plants. If you haven’t used them, you might still have some Chinese Chomping Cabbages from Potions Class. If you want to save some gold, you can also head to the greenhouses and harvest an unlimited supply of Venomous Tentacula for free!

Another place to get them is Dogweed and Deathcap. You have likely already been there, but if you forgot, the shop is the building farthest north on the Hogsmeade map (location on the map).

Let’s check our shopping list:

  • Chinese Chomping Cabbage (1)-300 galleons
  • Mandrake (1)-500 galleons
  • Venomous Tentacula (1)-600 galleons

You might also evaluate if you want to buy the seeds instead. If you’re going for a build that focuses on Herbology, then you’ll want to keep your items stocked. Planting your own seeds and harvesting them at the Potting Table instead of buying items will be more economical in the long term if that’s the case. Though, it all can be an investment of its own.

Now that you have all the items, you can proceed in two ways.

The first and fastest path forward is to head outside the shop and use all the items right there. To use the items, hold playstation l1 button to bring up the item wheel and use the right thumb stick to select the item you want to use, then tap playstation l1 button to use the item. You don’t have to be in combat for this step, you only have to use the items all at once.

The alternative, and probably what Professor Garlick would want you to do, is to see what these bad boys can do all together. Go find a group of enemies and unleash the little devils. This method of gameplay using combat plants can be devastating, and is also a great way to gain the upper hand on larger groups of enemies.

hogwarts legacy garlick 2 battle
These items are great for groups of enemies

If you thought you were done spending money, then I’m sorry for this next step.

First, you will need to acquire Fluxweed Seeds which can be purchased at the Magic Neep for 350 galleons. Then you need to head over to Tomes and Scrolls and buy the Spellcraft, Potting Table with a Large Pot for 1000 galleons. Finally, fast travel to the Room of Requirement, so you can plant the Fluxweed Seeds.

Once there, equip the Conjuring Spell from your Spell Slots, then in the Herbology tab select the Potting Table with a Large Pot and cast it into the room. After it is placed, you can approach the table and press button xbox x v2 /button play square to choose which seeds to plant. Unfortunately, it takes time for plants to grow, and the Fluxweed takes 15 minutes. You can’t just wait a day, either, we tried. Go ahead and do some more questing while you wait, then return and harvest the plant to finish this step.

hogwarts legacy garlick 2 potting table spellcraft
You will likely want the cheaper variety of the Large Pot Potting Table

After completing both steps, you can head back to Professor Garlick. The quickest route is to take the Greenhouses Floo Flame. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s day or night for this meeting. Once you have spoken with her and played the mini-game, you will learn the spell Flipendo and finish the quest.

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