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Just like any book or movie to video game adaptation, there’s plenty of Easter Eggs to be found in Hogwarts Legacy. From the smallest detail to an entire main story quest, here’s a list of references to the Harry Potter books and movies that can be found in-game.

Note – Spoilers ahead for the Harry Potter series and Hogwarts Legacy

The giant squid that lives in the Great Lake near Hogwarts can be summoned by command, if you were sorted into Slytherin House. Go into the Slytherin common room and start firing basic casts at one of the windows. Do it enough, and you’ll be treated to the squid slamming a tentacle against the window.

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Hermione brews a Polyjuice Potion in the girl’s bathroom. A reference to this can be found in the girl’s bathroom near Professor Fig’s Class, where players will find a potion brewing setup inside one of the stalls.

hermione polyjuice potion easter egg

Some doppelgangers of the Weasley Twins Fred and George can occasionally be spotted outside of Zonko’s Joke Shop in Hogsmeade. If you are having trouble getting this easter egg to appear, try running around the entire store. This will regenerate who’s standing outside the shop.

Within the Trophy Room on the top floor of the grand staircase, you can find the casket that holds the Goblet of Fire, the namesake for the fourth book and movie.

hogwarts legacy easter egg goblet of fire casket

While exploring the Restricted Section of the Library with Sebastian during the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest, you’ll come across this infamous book. Sebastian will comment on the books title and how he appreciates the dark arts. This is the same book that Tom Riddle read while he was at Hogwarts that led him down the path of creating Horcruxes and becoming Lord Voldemort. By the time of the movies, Dumbledore has removed it from the library.

If you missed it during the quest, don’t fear, you can return to the restricted section at anytime afterwards.

hogwarts legacy secrets of the darkest arts
The dark book will be bouncing around, easily distinguishing itself from the others

During Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial, you’ll have the opportunity to use all three of the Deathly Hallows. You don’t get to keep them unfortunately, but it’s still fun to use the powerful items.

If you go to the hospital wing, you might see a boy throwing up slugs into a bucket. This is a reference to Ron Weasley attempting to curse Draco Malfoy with the same affliction in the Chamber of Secrets, but it backfired and cursed Ron instead.

Past the southern entrance of Hogwarts Castle you’ll find the same hut that Hagrid stayed in during the time of the movies. It looks extremely similar to the building we see at the time of the movies despite over a century passing after Hogwarts Legacy. At the back of the building there is a memorial to the late actor Robbie Coltrane, who portrayed Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies.

The very same cell that Sirius Black is placed in during the time of Harry Potter can be found along the Hogwarts battlements near Professor Ronin’s Office. It requires level 2 Alohomora to enter, and it has a field guide page within. The cell can be reached by climbing up the stairs through the Charms Classroom and the stairs in Ronin’s office. After the second flight of stairs, walk through the door and the iconic cell will be on the left.

hogwarts legacy sirius black cell

Although you cannot access the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy, you can go to the iconic sink entrance. The entrance can be found in the girls Slytherin bathroom at the sinks. There’s a snake etched onto the faucet, indicating the entrance. Casting Revelio will reveal a field guide page here too.

hogwarts legacy easter egg chamber of secrets entrance
It can be hard to see, but there’s a snake symbol on the faucet

During the In The Shadow of the Study quest, you can also find a note from Salazar Slytherin where he describes the Chamber of Secrets.

chamber of secrets reveal easter egg
The bottom paragraph describes the Chamber of Secrets

Did you spot any other easter eggs or references while playing Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know in the comments below!

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