Prepare For Your Search For the Final Keeper – Hogwarts Legacy Chapter

Having completed Percival Rackham’s trial, you now need to bide your time while the Keepers decide what the best course of action is. As fall sets in, it is a good time to keep up with your studies, establish and deepen your friendships, and learn what you can about the issues throughout the wizarding world.

The chapter “Prepare For Your Search for the Final Keeper” has nine main quests, as follows:

ui t fgtBeasts Class

  • Rewards:
    • 260 XP
    • Feed and Brush actions

ui t fgtThe Caretaker’s Lunar Lament

ui t fgtThe Helm of Urtkot

  • Rewards:
    • 260 XP

ui t fgtIn the Shadow of the Estate

ui t fgtThe Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom

ui t fgtAstronomy Class

  • Rewards:
    • 340 XP
    • Astronomy Tables

ui t fgtThe High Keep

ui t fgtBack on the Path

  • Rewards:
    • 260 XP

ui t fgtCharles Rookwood’s Trial

  • Rewards:
    • 260 XP
    • Professor Howin’s Assignment

After you’ve completed your search, it is time to turn your attention elsewhere. You have to Stop Ranrok and Rookwood.

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