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In Hogwarts Legacy, you will level up your witch or wizard over the course of the school year, with each level after the fifth unlocked Talent Points which you can spend on a variety of useful talents to improve your abilities. This might leave you wondering if there is a max level in Hogwarts Legacy, and if so, what it is? You might even be wondering whether you will be given enough Talent Points by leveling up to get all the Talents in the game? Well, we are here to answer those questions.

And we won’t beat around the bush: the level cap in Hogwarts Legacy is 40.

That means that once you reach level 40, you will not be able to go higher, also putting a maximum on the amount of Talent Points you can earn. Because you can’t earn Talent Points until at least the 5th level, that means that you will earn a total of 36 Talent Points by leveling up.

Can You Get Every Talent in Hogwarts Legacy

This all begs the question: are 36 Talent Pounts enough to get all the Talents in the game?

hogwarts legacy talents level cap
Practicing arithmancy on this screen shows that there are 48 talents to pick from

Unfortunately, no. There are 48 Talents in Hogwarts Legacy, meaning even at max level you will be 12 points shy of getting every Talent. And, because you can’t respec talents, this means that you will have to choose very wisely as to which you pick.

If you want to make sure to get the most out of your Talents, then, you will need to plan out a build for your character so that you can start taking advantage of the Talent Points once they become available, early on in the game.

We hope you found this guide helpful, and that it helps you know how to plan out your adventure in Hogwarts. Now that you know about the cap, why not do some planning with our Talent Planner? If you’re wondering How to Unlock Talents, we’ve got you covered there too!

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