Poached Egg – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

When you last spoke to Poppy Sweeting, she said that she would look into ways to find the dragon whose egg you are in possession of. Well, she believes she has located the dragon, and wants you to come with to help her return the egg. And yes, you will be doing most of the work.

  • Quest Type: Relationship Quest
  • Location: Hogsmeade Square, Hogsmeade (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards
    • 180 XP

To begin Poached Egg, you’ll need to speak to Poppy Sweeting in Hogsmeade. Talk to her with button xbox x v2/playstation square button, and she will tell you she has located the dragon whose egg you need to return. Once you agree to go with her to help, she will take you there, to a mountain that is normally inaccessible from the main map.

hogwarts legacy poached egg 1 1 talk to poppy

After you are teleported to the mountain where the dragon’s nest is, you can finish your conversation with Poppy, and then begin following the path marked by your minimap and marker (1). Along the path, there will be a sack along the right side of the path (2) and several ashwinder eggs that you should grab (3). When you see the dragon herself, don’t worry; you can continue along unimpeded… For now. (4)

After seeing the dragon for the first time, you’ll soon come across two Dark Mongrels blocking your path. These are very simple enemies to dispatch, but if you want to be extra safe you can cast Disillusionment (1) to sneak up on them and take them out with Petrificus Totallus (2).

After you take out the mongrels, check the cave to the right of the path for some Horklump Juice and a chest (3). Then, continue along the path, veering to the left to grab a note off a corpse and the sack near it (4).

Next, you can continue onto the broken bridge and cast Reparo to get over it (1). Cross the bridge, and check behind the wooden structure on your left to grab a chest (2). Then, continue along the path, dropping down some ledges (3), grabbing a chest to your right once you reach the bottom (4) (where the graphorn corpse is).

After grabbing that chest, be prepared to deal with the danger of the dragon herself.

In the next area, the dragon will land in front of you, perching above a ruined doorway that you’ll need to get through to progress. For these three sections, you’ll need to sprint toward the door in below the dragon, while making sure to dodge (button xbox b v2/playstation circle button) the fireballs as the dragon fires them. Usually, the dragon will fire two fireballs in quick succession, then give you a long space to close the gap during.

After making it through the first dragon-guarded area, there will be another where you’ll need to do the same thing, sprinting toward the doorway the dragon is guarding while dodging fireballs. After you make it through this one, there will be a chest you can grab before the final run.

Once more, you’ll need to sprint past the dragon and dodge her fireballs. This time, you are headed for a cave to the left of the dragon.

After making it past the dragon for the third time, look to the left to grab a chest, and keep and eye out for more Horklump Juice as you pass through this cave (1). When you come out on the other side and come upon another broken bridge, you’ll need to cast Reparo to get across the gap (2).

After repairing the bridge, you’ll be able to cross it in order to place the Dragon Egg on a rock outcropping, which will cause a cutscene to play.

hogwarts legacy poached egg 9 1 place egg

After some dramatics, the dragon will take her egg and fly off, leaving you and Poppy to talk about what just happened. If needed, you will be given the option to explore this unique area more — you won’t be able to come back later. But, if and when you are finished with the area, you just need to let her know, at which point you’ll be taken back to Hogsmeade Square, completing Poached Egg in the process.

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