In the Shadow of Fate – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Sebastian cast Avada Kedavra on his uncle, Solomon. He is left with no cure for Anne, immense guilt, and the question about what to do about him… Meet him and Ominis in the Undercroft to discuss what would be the best option

To begin In the Shadow of Fate, you’ll need to make your way, once again, to the Undercroft. Once you get there, Ominis and Sebastian will already be in the midst of a discussion, trying to decide what to do about Sebastian’s actions, and relaying the immediate consequences of them. Once they finish speaking, walk up to Sebastian and talk to him with playstation square button/button xbox x v2.

After that conversation, you will need to confer with Ominis about what to do. Talk to him (playstation square button/button xbox x v2), and then be very careful about which dialog options you choose, as the results of the questline will differ. If you select “We should turn Sebastian in”, and then follow it up by confirming your choice, then Sebastian will be expelled and taken away from Hogwarts. Selecting any other option prevents this expulsion, and is what you need to select if you wish to learn any Unforgivable Curses that you didn’t pick up during the main quest.

Regardless of your decision, In the Shadow of Fate wil end once you finish your conversation with Ominis. That only leaves one quest left in Sebastian‘s questline, to see the final result of his and your actions.

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