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Spellcrafts are an important part of using the Room of Requirment (RoR) and Vivarium. They are essentially the blueprints that the player will use to conjure items and stations in the RoR. If you are confused already, please note that you will have to complete this quest before the RoR is available.

You can view all the spellcrafts you’ve unlocked in the conjurations tab of the collections menu. Conversely, you can also see them in the RoR by pressing button xbox dpad rightto open the Spells menu, and assigning the Conjuring Spell to your Spell Diamond. Then cast the Conjuring Spell, and the Conjuration menu will appear, showing you all the different spellcrafts.

There are many types of spellcrafts, but for our purposes, we can split them into two main categories-practical and cosmetic. There are more cosmetic spellcrafts to be found than practical, but you will likely be using the practical ones more. By practical, we mean spellcrafts that will help your character.

hogwarts legacy spellcraft guide conjuration menu
The first three boxes in the top row are the practical spellcrafts

Here are some examples of practical spellcrafts:

  • Potting Tables of different sizes and other herbology tools that will provide ingredients for potions.
  • Potion Stations with one or multiple burners and hopping pots where the player can brew potions.
  • Identification Station which identifies unidentified gear.
  • Enchanted Loom which can provide upgrades to clothing.
  • Material Refiner that produces moonstone periodically.

On the other hand, cosmetic spellcrafts are only for sprucing up the RoR and personalizing the space. There are a wide variety of these; let’s look at a few examples:

  • Rugs of all shapes and sizes
  • Seating like chairs and couches
  • Wall Hangings
  • Big furniture like desks
  • Decorations like candleholders and trophies
  • Artwork
  • Statues
  • Tables

Just like gear, cosmetic spellcrafts are acquired by looting chests, being given as rewards for quests, and completing challenges. As you start exploring more, try not to leave any available chest unopened. Cast Revelio every time you see a chest on your mini-map so that it glows blue, and you can locate it. However, chests only give random gear and spellcrafts, which makes it difficult to get the ones you want.

Practical spellcrafts though, can be bought from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade. They are not cheap; expect to pay around 1000 galleons for basic spellcrafts and 3000 galleons for the best ones.

hogwarts legacy spellcraft guide tomes and scrolls
The chopping station will periodically give you random ingredients

We recommend buying the lower echelon ones first, then upgrading later when galleons aren’t an issue. The main reason is that once you have unlocked a spellcraft, you can place multiples of them in the RoR. For example, if you buy a large potting table with one pot for 1000 galleons, you can put down seven of those in the RoR to get a lot of ingredients. Later on, you will want to spend the extra 3000 galleons to get the potting table with two large pots to double your yield. An important caveat though is that spellcrafts cost moonstones to conjure in the RoR; these can be found outside, bought from merchants, or farmed with Material Refiners.

A good way to get some cosmetic spellcrafts early is to complete the available puzzle doors placed around Hogwarts Castle. Every time you solve one, there will be two chests inside-one with a cosmetic spellcraft and another with a piece of gear. If you do them all, you will have a fledgling collection of spellcrafts by the time you have access to the RoR.

What spellcrafts did you find most useful? How many hours have you spent decorating with them? Let us know in the comments!

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