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Dragon heartstring that serves as the core of a wand, known for producing powerful magic

The feather of a phoenix that serves as the core of a wand, capable of producing a great range of magic

The hair of a unicorn that serves as the core of a wand, known for producing consistent magic

Unreleased Wand

The cores of wands are possibly their most interesting and well-known parts. In game, they do not affect a player’s stats or magic. However, they are an important aspect of feeling like a witch or wizard, and therefore important to players in Hogwarts Legacy. We know from the lore that the esteemed Garrick Ollivander decided to revolutionize the family business when he shifted to only using the most rare and effective cores in their wands. Apparently, before this shift, wizards and witches were using less powerful wands that had subpar cores. Let’s take a look at these three famous cores and see what effects they have on wands, and how they impact the witches and wizards that use them.

A dragon heartstring wand is most powerful – and learns quickly.

Gerbold Ollivander

These cores seem to hold true to the theme that power is fickle. They are the strongest of the cores and the easiest to learn spells, however these traits come with some caveats. Wands with dragon heartstrings tend to be the most volatile of the three; this meaning that they are the most likely to have accidents. They are also the easiest to sway to the dark arts, although it could just be that they are the most willing to follow their users down that path. Ultimately, wands with these cores are double-edged swords. They give great power, but are also loyal to power. If their original owner is defeated, they can quickly change allegiance to their new master.

hogwarts legacy wand core options dragon heart string
Power is corruptible and fickle

A unicorn hair wand is most reliable – and faithful to its owner.

Gerbold Ollivander

Unicorn hair cores are perhaps the most appealing to the virtuous magic wielders. They are difficult to seduce to the dark arts, and they give their users the most consistent magic of the three cores. While they are less likely to have issues in their functioning, they aren’t without their shortcomings. Of the three cores, they are the only ones that can be mishandled and need replacing. On the other hand, for those witches and wizards that treat their wands with care and affection, they will find no core more loyal and faithful. This being true despite the user’s prowess with magic.

hogwarts legacy wand core options unicorn v2
Consistent and loyal

Ah, phoenix feather – exceptionally rare – and a core with a strong sense of initiative.

Gerbold Ollivander

The last and rarest core type, phoenix feather wands, have the greatest capabilities in terms of diverse spell use. Yet, they are the most unpopular option for a couple of reasons. Their bond is usually difficult to earn and takes the longest of the three, possibly a result of the nature of the creature from which they are taken. Even more unappealing is the fact that they are independent, and prone to acting on their own accord. Owners that can overcome these tendencies, though, will find a versatile and powerful wand.

hogwarts legacy wand core options phoenix
Rare and powerful, but independent

Interestingly, the choice of core in a wand can tell a lot about a witch or wizard. Which one did you pick? Let us know in the comments!

Information for this guide sourced from wizardingworld.com’s piece on wand cores.

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