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There is one thing that any good student of Hogwarts must do if they want to be a capable witch or wizard, and that is attend classes. Thankfully, there is no lectures and notetaking in Hogwarts Legacy’s version of these classes. Instead, you engage in various activities, while listening to the charming and whimsical teachers, and are rewarded with various things at the end of each class (so long as you did well enough in it).

But you might be wondering what will be taught in each class, and who will be teaching it? Thankfully, we are here to help you navigate your school year and tell you all about classes in Hogwarts Legacy.

Please note that this guide is a work in progress, and will not be complete until the game releases. When it does, we’ll work on updating it ASAP with more information, including rewards for completing classes, locations, and quests.

Transfiguration is the magical art of turning one thing into another thing. Whether that be turning a rat into a goblet, or turning an annoying Slytherin bully into a weasel, Transfiguration is critical for any witch or wizard.

While we don’t know how Transfiguration classes will look yet, its importance (and the importance of its professor) means that students will probably see it often.

hogwarts legacy official launch trailer deputy headmistress professor matilda weasley butterfly

Marilda Weasley is the professor of Transfiguration and, in general, one of the most important characters in Hogwarts Legacy. In addition to serving as the Transfigueation professor, Professor Weasley is also the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, keeping control where the inept Headmaster Nigellus Black cannot. And, in case you are wondering whether to trust her, keep in mind: she’s a Weasley.

There are few classes more important than Defense Against the Dark Arts, where students will learn how to cast offensive and defensive spells in order to stave off Dark Wizards and other evil forces.

In Hogwarts Legacy, this class will almost certainly be heavily involved with combat, teaching you new spells, techniques, and gameplay aspects for you to then use in the wider world as you take on practitioners of the Dark Arks. During Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, you will sometimes engage in practice duels with other students in order to get hands-on experience with new concepts.

hogwarts legacy dinah hecat

Professor Dinah Hecat may not look like much, but she is a formidable witch. After spending years at the Ministry of Magic combating actual Dark Arts, she is now a strict but kind teacher who is more than happy to thrust her students in the deep end, so to speak.

Herbology is the study of plants, which takes on a whole new meaning in the Wizarding World, where dozens of plants are imbued with innate magical properties.

In order to learn how to care for such magical flora, however, one will need to attend Herbology classes. These will, presumably, teach you how to grow plants, what they are used for, and where they can be found naturally.

hogwarts legacy mirabel garlick

Professor Mirabel Garlick is one of the best designed characters in the game, and her appearance instantly let’s students know to expect a sunny, flowery teacher. She grew up around muggles, where she was a bit of an outcast, and that shows in the obvious passion she has for herbology and compassion she has for her students.

Charms is one of the broadest fields of magic in the Wizarding World, covering everything from levitation charms to the befuddling Stupefy spell.

Because there are so many Charms, and because so many are essential to Hogwarts Legacy, you can expect to learn a lot from Charms classes, including Accio (which can summon objects towards you), Wingardium Leviosa (which can levitate objects and people), and the Disillusionment Charm (which can help with stealth), just to name a few.

hogwarts legacy abraham ronen

An extremely gregarious man, Professor Abraham Ronen is a fun-loving, unorthodox professor who, at times, seems even less mature than some of his students. That said, his fluffy teaching style, extroverted demeanor, and love of games makes him a favorite amongst students.

Magical Theory is the field of magic devoted to new discoveries. When a character talks about “discovering” a new spell, that is Magic Theory.

Because of this, we can expect Magic Theory classes to involve “newer” magic, perhaps even spells we haven’t seen before. In addition, Magic Theory seems likely to be the class most involved with Ancient Magic, which the player character is unique in their ability to see and harness.

hogwarts legacy eleazar fig

Eleazar Fig is a central character in Hogwarts Legacy, and one of the first people you meet in the game. He is a kindly old man who is trying to get to the bottom of his wife’s death, involving the Ancient Magic that the player is able to see and use. When you need a stalwart ally, one who understands the troubles you are facing, look no further than Eleazar Fig.

Divination is the ability to see the future. In the Wizarding World, this usually takes the form of vague prophecies and omens. Divination has its uses, but is highly fickle and inaccurate, especially compared to other magic.

Because of that, and because of the open-ended nature of open-world games with choices, it is difficult to say what Divination classes will consist of in Hogwarts Legacy. Though, because Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the 1890s, it is very possible that Divination may be used to tie the events of the game in with the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts plots.

professor mudiwa onai portrait hogwarts legacy

Professor Mudiwa Onai is one of the most capable diviners we’ve seen in the Wizarding World, having arrived at Hogwarts recently after teaching at the prestigious African wizarding school, Uagadou. She left Uganda after the death of her husband, which she was unable to predict. She is also student Natsai Onai’s mother.

Astronomy has the rare distinction of being a class you can take both at Hogwarts and in real life. It is, after all, the study of the stars, and space in general, which both magic-users and muggles alike can appreciate.

Like Divination, it is difficult to say what purpose Astronomy classes will serve in Hogwarts Legacy, unless things like Talents are somehow tied to the stars (a la Skyrim). As of yet, we will just have to wait and see what the most scientific of magics has in store for us.

professor satyavati shah portrait hogwarts legacy v2

Professor Satyavati Shah is a stern disciplinarian, known for being occasionally too harsh on her students. However, her love and aptitude for science is self-evident, and she may be one of the smartest professors of them all.

Potions are where students learn ti brew potions. Or, as Severus Snape once said, potions “bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses… tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death.”

And the intensity is well-deserved, as potions seem to be one of the most powerful forms of magic in Hogwarts Legacy, owing to them being craftable consumables. We’ve seen a lot about potions in the game so far, so we can assume the class will include teaching players how to brew potions, where to acquire ingredients, and what some of the most powerful potion effects are.

hogwarts legacy aesop sharp 1

Channeling familiar Potions Professor, Severus Snape, Aesop Sharp is a dark-clad, slightly cynical Potionmaster. Like Snape, Sharp is critical of failure in his classroom, though much more highly rewarding of success. His curriculum is sure to be challenging, but hopefully he isn’t quite as snide as other Potions professors we’ve seen at Hogwarts.

History of Magic is exactly what it sounds like: in it, students learn about the history of the magical world.

In the original series, it has a reputation for being dreadfully boring, and that will probably not be an exception here (given that it is still being taught by the same professor as in Harry Potter). The class is mostly textbooks and lectures, and though we don’t know how that will look in Hogwarts Legacy, it is probably safe to assume that History of Magic will teach the player important history relating to the Wizarding World in a comically dry fashion.

hogwarts legacy cuthbert binns

If you thought being set a century before the events of the Harry Potter series would mean that there would be no recurring professors, think again! Professor Cuthbert Binns has been the History of Magic Professor at Hogwarts for since before his death, and now teaches as a ghost, being a piece of the very history he, himself, teaches. If only he knew how to make that fact interesting.

Beasts is, of course, the class where students learn about the study and care of magical beasts.

Given the importance of beasts to the plot, gameplay, and world of Hogwarts Legacy, we can assume that this will be one of the most important classes in the curriculum, especially for those who want to make full use of the Room of Requirement’s Vivarium.

hogwarts legacy bai howin

Though we’ve seen plenty of beasts in the lead-up to Hogwarts Legacy, we know very little about Professor Bai Howin as of yet, aside from a very short snippet of her seen during the Launch trailer. She looks practical and skilled, but beyond that, we will have to wait and see.

We haven’t got a chance to meet Madam Chiyo Kogawa yet, nor to take a look at Flying classes. That said, it stands to reason that flying in Hogwarts Legacy will have things like max speed to upgrade, and these classes might be part of that.

Arithmancy is the study of numbers, especially reoccurring numbers, and what they mean. Arithmancy is perhaps the least defined and considered classes at Hogwarts.

Arithmancy is the class we know least about, so little that we don’t even know who it’s professor is. There is a chance that Arithmancy, while it will certainly be pleasant, might not even be accessible to players, continuing a trend from the books and movies for the class to be sidelined.

Now that you know all of your classes and have met all of your professors, all you need to do is make sure to make it to class on time! After all, how else will you learn all about spells, beasts, potions, and plants?

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