‘Beeting’ a Curse – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

After playing around a bit too much around the family tomb, it seems like Samantha Dale’s brother has gotten a curse turning both of his feet into beets! The only way to reverse it is to return the family crest to its rightful place, and you’ll have to be the one to do it.

To begin the ‘Beeting’ a Curse, you’ll need to talk to Samantha Dale (playstation square button/button xbox x v2), who is pacing around the greenhouses trying to figure out what to do. What you speak with her, she will tell you about her brother’s curse — turning his feet into beets. This was caused by taking a crest from their family tomb, and Samantha needs someone to return it in order to reverse her brother’s curse. Good thing you came along!

hogwarts legacy beeting a curse 1 1 talk to samantha

After being given your task, you’ll want to head way east of Hogwarts, to the hamlet of Bockborrow (1), either by broom or, if you’ve unlocked it, Floo Flame. From there, you’ll want to continue east on broom (2) until you reach the entrance to the Dale Family Tomb (3).

After you enter and go down a short passage, make sure to veer left to grab a chest. Then, continue on forward to grab more loot, bypassing the breakable wall (which leads to the same place as you’ll end up and hides no loot).

hogwarts legacy beeting a curse 3 1 chest on left forward

Once you come to the more open room, you’ll want to head toward the Devil’s Snare passage (1), ignoring the other, torch-lit passage for now (as you will be coming back through it on your way out). Cast Lumos to make your way through the Devil’s Snare, then slide down slope at the end. Brace yourself for a fight at the end of it.

In the room you land in, you’ll encounter the Riparian Troll, a slightly more powerful troll variant. He will not notice you right away, so you should start by casting Disillusionment, then sneaking up behind him to start the fight with Petrificus Totallus (playstation square button/button xbox x v2). Once the fight has started, you can use Ancient Magic and Ancient Magic Throw to start whittling down his health. Be on the lookout for him to throw boulders at you, which you can block with Protego and then send back with Ancient Magic Throw, causing him to go down to one knee where you can deal critical damage.

After taking out the troll, you can follow the quest marker through a passageway you’ll need to crawl through (1). On the other side of it, there will be Marmaduke Dale’s sarcophagus, where you’ll need to place the Dale Family Crest (playstation square button/button xbox x v2) (2).

This will break the curse, meaning all you need to do next is find your way out. Don’t forget the few pieces of loot in this room before heading out.

After returning the crest, you can head back out the low passage you came, then look to your left. There will be an exit to this room, which you can continue through (1), making sure to look to your left once you’ve clambered up to find a chest. Then, continue on until you have to blast a rock mound with Confringo (2). Hop down, and continue along the passage to find your way back out.

Once you’ve made it out of the cave, you can travel back to Samantha Dale in the Hogwarts Greenhouses. She’ll be on the lower level now. Talk to her in order to let her know that you’ve broken the curse, and she will tell you that she is relieved her brother’s feet are no longer beets. Hooray.

hogwarts legacy beeting a curse 8 1 return to samantha

After you finish this conversation, you will have completed ‘Beeting’ a Curse.

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