How to Solve the Grand Staircase Tower’s Puzzle Door – Hogwarts Legacy

This guide will walk you through solving the Puzzle Door in the Grand Staircase Tower. This puzzle door is set just where the stairs start spiraling along the outside of the tower. In order to open it, players will need to put the correct symbols on each of the two question mark panels in the area. The player can cast Revelio to make the panels glow blue.

  • Rewards
    • Astral Mosaic Robe
    • Large Square Rugs

The symbol panels to open the puzzle door are very close to the door itself. The double question mark panel is directly behind the player when they are facing the door. The single question mark panel is just up the steps to the left of the door. The correct symbol for the double question mark panel is the squid, and the correct symbol for the single question mark panel is the lizard.

For the second Grand Staircase Tower’s puzzle door, shown below, we can see that the top triangle for the single question mark panel was 15 + 2 (Graphorn head) + ? Lizard (6) = 23. Additionally, the bottom triangle was Three-headed snake (3) + Hydra (9) + ?? Squid (7) = 19.

hogwarts legacy puzzle door guide all icons and numbered
Reference Sheet
hogwarts legacy puzzle door guide puzzle door 4
Add up the corners, so they equal the numbers in the center

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