It’s All Gobbledegook – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

In this walkthrough of the Main Story quest “It’s All Gobbledegook”, you’ll team up with Amit to enter a goblin mine and uncover Ranrock’s plans; we’ll help guide you through the goblin dig site, which is heavily guarded by Ranrock’s Loyalists.

To begin this quest, you’ll need to make your way to Amit, who’s doing some stargazing at the top of the Astronomy Tower. Open your map of Hogwarts and then go to the Astronomy Wing, then fast travel to the Astronomy Tower Floo Flame. Then tap button xbox dpad upand continue up the stairs, following the golden thread to Amit. Once you reach him, speak with him by pressing playstation square button/button xbox x v2.

Now you’ve got to go meet Logdok near the mine. Open your map again, and this time navigate to the World Map. Pan south to find where Logdok is waiting (1) — with any luck, you’ve got a nearby Floo Flame like the Keenbridge one (2). Don’t forget you can hover the cursor over a hamlet or other location with lots of icons — after a moment, the icons will split apart to make them easier to see and click on.

Fast travel to whatever Floo Flame is closest to the mine, and then make your way there on a broom or mount. Land near Logdok, then walk up to him and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to speak with him.

Once your conversation with Logdok ends, you’ll be able to head into the mine. Follow the yellow dots on your minimap as they lead you down the mine cart tracks — make sure you cast Revelio a few times, as there are plenty of ingredients to find on either side of the tracks. When the track curves and you see the door with an eye, cast Disillusionment — like the Eye Chests, you’ll have to be invisible in order to open the door. Once disillusioned, walk up to the door and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to open it. You can then proceed forward and hold playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to enter The Mine’s Eye.

entrance to the mine its all gobbledegook quest walkthrough hogwarts legacy
The door you’ll need to sneak up to and open

Inside the mine, cast Revelio again to help you collect ingredients as you make your way forward, downhill. You’ll go through a small tunnel and then find a lift with some machinery attached to it. Face the machinery on the left and cast Incendio on the pile of logs (1). This will open the doors of the lift — turn right (north) and walk onto the lift, then approach the controls on its right wall and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2. Don’t worry about waiting for Amit — he’ll magically pop onto the lift if you leave him behind (this is true throughout this quest)!

Once the lift stops, get off and turn left, where you’ll see a handle you can pull (1) — cast Accio on it, then turn right and wait for the bags of loot to come off the conveyor belt. Loot them, then go down the corridor to the west. After going down the stairs, you’ll need to use Accio to pull the platform towards you by the handle (2.1). Walk onto it, then pull yourself across the gap via the second handle (2.2).

If you’re a stealthy witch or wizard, now’s a good time to cast Disillusionment, as up ahead are the mine’s first enemies. There are also a number of barrels, including an exploding one, that you can Ancient Magic Throw — use the red barrel on the Loyalist Assassin, as he’s the most dangerous enemy in the group.

Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, back off a bit from the Eye Door, cast Disillusionment, and then open the door. Head through and cast Incendio on the logs on your right (1), then go back into the previous room and pull the handle on the machinery with Accio and go up the nearby ramp (2), which should no longer be blocked. On your right will be a small grate you can remove with Depulso, and then you’ll be able to continue out onto the catwalk, where you can find a chest.

Go back the way you came, through the Eye Door you just opened, and continue north, then east, down the tunnel. Note: in the next area, you’ll be able to find written notes on many of the tables — these are just for flavor, and you don’t actually have to find them for the quest, so they will not be specified. You’ll come to a dining area; use Revelio to highlight the nearby gold, and then go up the stairs on the north side of the room (1).

Continue on the catwalk, and take a left when able to enter a small room with some loot in it. Now you have a choice: You can leave this room and go left — in the next room are a trio of enemies to defeat/loot, and then you can go down the stairs on the far side of the room to enter the kitchen. Alternatively, you can simply go back the way you came, down the stairs, and continue south into the kitchen. From the kitchen, go through the tunnel on the southern wall to continue deeper into the mine (2).

You’ll enter a room with a large forge, where you can find a bit of loot on the boxes against the far wall. Then go left (east) into the next tunnel — just ahead is a large group of enemies. Because there are so many goblins to fight, you should cast Disillusionment and take out at least one or two enemies with Petrificus Totalus — even if being sneaky isn’t usually your style.

You’ll face foes with yellow and purple shields, so also check your spell diamonds and ensure you’ve got both Control and Force spells available in as many diamonds as possible. Make good use of Ancient Magic Throw, and resist the urge to just use it until you need to: it can break shields, so if a pesky Assassin has his shield back and your matching spells are on cooldown, you should Ancient Magic Throw to break it.

After defeating all the enemies, go through the open door in the southeastern corner of the room to find some loot. Then go to the center of the room and look north (1). First, let’s go up the stairs to the left of the boiler. At the southern end of the catwalk, you’ll find a small grate that you can remove with Depulso (2). Crawl through to find two chests, one immediately upon standing up, and a Collection Chest further east. Then go back the way you came and continue into the tunnel indicated as route 2 below.

Collect Moonstone as you make your way through the tunnel. When you reach the fork, go left, cast Incendio on the Devil’s Snare (1), then collect all the plants and Moonstone in the room. Leave the way you came in (you’ll need to clear the Devil’s Snare once more), then go straight (south), continuing straight at the fork (2). After crawling through a small passage, you’ll enter a large room with another big group of goblins. You’ll be behind cover at first, so cast Disillusionment. Keep the same strategies in mind as last time (especially saving Ancient Magic Throw to break shields), and try to take out as many enemies as possible while Disillusioned.

Once all the enemies are defeated, cast Disillusionment again and go through the Eye door on the south side of the room (1). Also note the lever and lift to the right of the door — that’s your way out once you find what we’re looking for. In the next room, go up the stairs and inspect the plans on the desk with playstation square button/button xbox x v2. Then grab the chest to the left of the desk, and light the logs beneath the boiler on the west side of the room (2).

Then go back through the eye door and turn left, then Accio the handle indicated in image (1) above. That will call the lift — get on and activate it with playstation square button/button xbox x v2. When the lift stops, get off and go left, then left again into the tunnel. There will be some stairs on your left that lead to a door you can unlock if you have Alohomora Level II — the way forwards is the right-hand path. Follow it up and drop down next to the left, then turn left and go away from the lift, into the tunnel. You’ll soon reach the exit, where you’ll have to hold playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to leave the mine.

Back in the fresh air, go over to Amit, who’s straight ahead, and speak with him. When that conversation finishes, head southwest to where Lodgok is waiting, in the same place you met him before entering the mine. He’ll tell you a story that happens to be quite relevant to your mission, and then the conversation — and the quest — will end!

To continue in the main story requires completing two quests:

  • It’s All Gobbledegook
  • In the Shadow of the Mine

If you’ve been following along with this walkthrough, next up is In the Shadow of the Mine!

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