amit thakkar portrait hogwarts legacy v2

Amit Thakkar

Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Student at Hogwarts. In House Ravenclaw.

Amit aspires to be a famous wizarding historian and already has extensive plans for his first memoir. Exceptionally bright and well-read, he adores stargazing and always seems to have the most recent, top-of-the-line telescope at hand. Amit will leap at the chance to help a friend in need, but once in the thick of things often realizes he might have been better off reading or writing about certain adventures than experiencing them.

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I'm a huge gamer who especially loves the Final Fantasy series. I will play just about any game, especially if it has anything resembling a Dragoon.

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1 year ago

Still not sure why they didn’t make Amit a companion when it seems like such a logical choice and would give Ravenclaw some much-needed love.