How to Find Battle Arenas – Hogwarts Legacy

One of the best ways to test your wizarding skill and earn quite a bit of XP while at it are the Battle Arenas. These challenges are designed to separate the talented wizards and witches from those still in training and ill-prepared. The rules are simple: face a variety of opponents for 5 rounds, in increasing difficulty; if you can defeat them all and survive — the victory is yours.

Hogwarts Legacy currently offers three Battle Arenas in total, one of which is a part of DLC content:

In this article, we will share their locations and how you can access each of them!

You might not need a strict definition here if you have played RPGs before: Hogwarts Legacy’s battle arenas pit young Witches and Wizards against five rounds of enemies, who tend to get tougher each round, to test out their skill and mettle. To complete the arena you need to remain the last combatant standing. This means you will need to eliminate each enemy and survive until the end!

Completing two regular Battle Arenas (Feldcroft Battle Arena and the North Ford Bog Battle Arena) will unlock the Rise to the Challenges achievement. The third arena, The Dark Arts Battle Arena, comes as a pre-order DLC bonus, or it can be purchased as a part of the Dark Arts Pack — completing it is not required for the achievement.

Participating in the Battle Arenas gets you a good amount of XP (in fact, you can just keep completing them over and over to farm XP), as well as legendary cosmetic items.

The first Battle Arena that you will probably encounter in Hogwarts Legacy will be the Feldcroft Battle Arena. The entrance to this arena is tied to a quest E-Vase-Ive Manouvre, which serves as a tutorial on how to unlock both the Feldcroft Battle Arena and the North Ford Bog Battle Arena.

Guided by the quest, you will be directed to a specific location where you will find the Feldcroft Battle Arena entrance. However, it will only become available once you finish destroying all of the vases.

The second Battle Arena that you can encounter will be the North Ford Bog Battle Arena. This is by far the hardest out of the three Battle Arenas. In addition to the recurring XP rewards, it’s quite a potent training environment if you want to develop a very fast reaction time and a comprehensive knowledge of dangerous enemies.

The North Ford Bog Battle Arena can be unlocked in the same way that the Feldcroft Battle Arena was, however, this time there will be no quest tied to this area. Instead, you will find 20 vases awaiting you at the location, each of them ready to be broken to then uncover the Battle Arena Entrance.

The Dark Arts Battle Arena is different than the other two. First of all, it has to be unlocked through a DLC — purchased on its own or from the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of Hogwarts Legacy. Secondly, the Dark Arts Battle Arena only features 3 of the Unforgivable Curses (Crucio, Imperio, Avada Kedavra), along with Confringo, as available spells.

The Dark Arts Battle Arena is hidden deeply in the Forbidden Forest and can be found by discovering the secret path that leads to it. If you wait long enough in the Forbidden Forest, you will notice two Dark Wizards traversing it in the form of two purple-black energy waves. They can be followed to discover the path.

Once you find the entrance, you will be required to break 10 vases to acquire access to the Arena.

As we mentioned earlier, Battle Arenas can will truly test the mettle of any witch or wizard that dares to accept the challenge. They can be quite challenging, especially if you are playing on a higher difficulty.

In ascending order, the most difficult arenas are:

  • Dark Arts Battle Arena (challenging due to enemy numbers, but easier than the rest because of the Dark Arts Spells)
  • Feldcroft Battle Arena (fairly difficult and gradually becomes harder)
  • North Ford Bog Battle Arena (hardest Battle Arena due to the variety of enemies and their large numbers)

Luckily, we have an in-depth guide for each of these Battle Arenas! Each guide comes with an overview and insights about the arena, what enemies you can expect, and specific tips for every enemy type and how to counter and defeat them.

Now that you know where to find each Battle Arena, we hope you prevail through these mighty challenges (and get some XP and an impressive outfit while you are at it). Let us know in the comment section below which Battle Arena is your favorite!

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