A Bird in the Hand – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

You, Poppy, and Dorran have finally tracked down where the Golden Snidgets are being conserved, and now it is just a matter of getting to them. Complete the last few steps to reach the rare species so that you can save them, once and for all, from the poachers.

  • Quest Type: Relationship Quest
  • Location: Near Brocburrow, Highlands (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards

To start A Bird in the Hand, you’ll need to head to some ruins near Brocburrow, where Dorran thinks the Snidgets must be. Once there, speak to Poppy with button xbox x v2/playstation square button. She will tell you that Dorran is going to meet you both just up ahead, within the ruins.

Once you finish talking with Poppy, you can head into the ruins and past a Kneazle Beast Den (yes, you can take one home). Go through a doorway to come out in a courtyard with a strange puzzle. Dorran is also waiting here, and he will encourage you to solve the puzzle, which will grant access to the Golden Snidgets.

To begin the puzzle, start by walking up to the central plinth, where you can place the Scholars’ Moonstone (1). This will activate lights from the other two pillars, which you’ll need to use to solve the puzzle. Look at the doorway beyond the pillars to see the two symbols you’ll need to illuminate in order to gain access, which will be one resembling a sun, and one somewhat similar to the “female” symbol (2).

In order to illuminate the matching symbols on the ground, you will need to cast Accio on the two pillars, and move them so that they are on the opposite side of the circle from the symbol they need to illuminate. One of the pillars will need to move to be opposite the sun-like symbol (3), and the other will need to be moved to opposite the “female”-esque symbol (4).

Once you complete the puzzle by illuminating the two symbols, the door before you will open. Go through it, and into the Gilded Perch, where the Snidgets surely await.

Once you make it inside the Gilded Perch, go directly forward. You’ll find a small study nook with a chest, and which you can investigate for a small interaction with Poppy.

hogwarts legacy a bird in the hand 5 1 chest

After grabbing that chest, you can continue toward the bright, open space. On your way there, you will pass a brazier and statue to your left (1). Stop here, and cast Incendio on the brazier (2), which will cause the statue and wall to turn, revealing a chest (3).

Now you can progress into the bright, open courtyard. This area, and all the subsequent areas of this level, have lots of low-level loot like coins and Horklump Juice.

hogwarts legacy a bird in the hand 7 1 lots of loot

Above you and to your right will be a box sitting against a ledge. Cast Accio to bring it down to the the lower level (1), then cast Levioso on the box and use it to clamber up to the higher level (2). At the end of this open hallway, there will be a collection chest (3).

After you grab the collection chest and whatever other loot you desire, you can continue by going under the tree in the center of this room.

hogwarts legacy a bird in the hand 9 1 under the tree

After going under the tree, look out to your left, where there will be a pile of rubble that you can destroy with Confringo (1). This will open up a path. Along it, you will come across some Devil’s Snare blocking your path, but casting any fire spell (Incendio, Confringo, Bombarda) on the nearby brazier (2) will cause the Devil’s Snare to move out of the way, letting you grab the chest beyond it.

Return to the path near the tree, and go directly across the path. Break some brambles in your way using Basic Cast (1), and you will get access to another chest (2).

Now, you can continue along the actual path by breaking the brambles in your way using Basic Cast.

hogwarts legacy a bird in the hand 12 1 break bramble

You will come across two metal plates on the ground, one with a fire symbol and the other wise a frost symbol. You will need to activate these plates using cubes and spells in order to progress.

To start, face the large tree and look to its right to find a cube sitting in an alcove. Cast Accio on it (1) and place it on the fire plate. Once there, cast any fire spell (Incendio, Confringo, Bombarda) to activate the plate (2).

Now, turn around, and find a box sitting on a raised platform. It leads up to a ledge with nothing on it, so you’ll need to cast Accio on it (1) and move it to the oppoosite side of the room, where there is another raised platform leading up to a ledge (2). Cast Levioso on it and use that to clamber up onto the ledge (3), then cast Accio on the box you’ll see in front of you there (4). Finally, bring the cube to the frost plate, and cast Glacius on it (5).

This will open up the way forward into the next chamber, where you’ll need to be ready for combat.

In the next room, you will be ambushed by two weaves of poachers. Luckily, you ought to have plenty of practice in taking them on at this point, so use your favorite method to dispatch them. Don’t forget to use your Ancient Magic and Ancient Magic Throw, and to be ready to cast Protego if you get surrounded.

After the first round, Dorran and Elek the centaurs will join in the fray on your side, helping you make it through the combat. After it is over, make sure to collect all the dropped loot.

Finally, to complete the quest, walk up to the dooor with the sun and moon depicted on it. Use button xbox x v2/playstation square button to open the door, and then walk through it to start a cutscene.

hogwarts legacy a bird in the hand 17 1 open door

After the cutscene, which will introduce you to Golden Snidgets and finally complete Poppy’s character arc, A Bird in the Hand will be complete, and the Golden Snidgets will be under the capable protection of the centaurs. Now all that is left is to get Poppy‘s final thoughts in order to finish her relationship questline!

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