Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Even your Flying Instructor, Madam Kogawa, has extra assignments for you. Travel around areas outside Hogwarts and pop balloons on your broom. After you have completed the tasks, learn the spell Glacius.

  • Quest Type: Mandatory Class Assignment
  • Location:
    • Hogsmeade Station, Highlands (map)
    • Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts Castle (map)
  • Requirements:
  • Rewards:
    • Glacius
    • 150 XP

It only makes sense that the Flying Instructor wants you to use your broom for her extra assignments. Not exactly sure what flying has to do with learning the Glacius spell (maybe it’s cold when you fly), but you will have to fly around Hogsmeade Station and the Quidditch Pitch to pop five balloons at each location. Most of them are fairly easy to see and pop, but some can be hidden.

In case you forgot the flying controls, here they are:

  • playstation button left stick all directions To move in any direction
  • playstation button analog r.svg (1) To ascend or descend
  • button xbox lefttrigger For a Burst of Speed
  • button xbox righttrigger (Hold) For Flight Speed

The quickest way to Hogsmeade Station, which might not be overly obvious on the World Map, is to fast travel to the Hogsmeade Floo Flame location. As you might have discovered already, you can’t use your broom in Hogsmeade. Walk south out of town, then you can jump on your broom and fly over to the station. The big balloons in the air should make it obvious, but you can also track the quest to make sure you don’t get turned around.

hogwarts legacy kogawa assignment 1 hogsmeade station
Don’t fall off your broom!

The one balloon that could trip you up is hidden in the trees on the southwest side of the station. After popping all the balloons in this location, it’s on to the next one!

It is actually a fairly short flight over to the pitch from the station, but if you really want to be speedy, you can fast travel to the Hogwarts North Exit Floo Flame. Once there, it is much the same; fly around and pop balloons on your broom.

hogwarts legacy kogawa assignment 1 pitch
Too bad there’s no quidditch

Again, the only one that is partly hidden is in the southwest, nestled against the cliff. After flying into each balloon, you can make your way back to Madam Kogawa.

You really should just fly to her, she’s right there, and it’s what she would want. However, there is a Floo Flame right outside of her office called Flying Class Lawn. Once you have spoken with her, you will learn the Glacius spell through the mini-game and finish the quest.

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