Live as a Student Until Professor Fig Returns – Hogwarts Legacy Chapter

You’ve discovered a mysterious book deep in the Restricted Section, but Professor Fig will need some time to research it. While he goes to London to do so, you’ll need to keep up with your studies and friendships. Now is your time to let yourself bask in all Hogwarts has to offer!

The chapter “Live as a Student Until Professor Fig Returns” has four quests, as follows:

ui t her conv 01The Girl from Uagadou

ui t zzh 01 Herbology Class

ui t zzp 01Potions Class

ui t fly 01Trials of Merlin

  • Rewards:
    • 260 XP
    • Merlin Trials

Now caught up in school, you’ll get a lead as to the missing pages in the book you found in the Restricted Section. Soon, you’ll be able to Tell Professor Fig About the Map Chamber.

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