The Sky Is the Limit – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

The Sky Is the Limit is an optional quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Albie Weekes has finished his latest broom upgrade, and would like for you to test it out. There is another new course Imelda Reyes put together, and Albie would like for you to go there and beat her latest record.

To begin The Sky Is the Limit, you will need to speak to Albie Weekes and upgrade your Broom from him. To reach him, go to the South Hogmeade Floo Flame, and head into the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop just northwest of it. Once inside, speak to Albie to open up the shop, and the Broom Upgrade will be the first option to buy. It costs 4000ui t galleons and will increase your broom’s acceleration and speed. If you don’t have that kind of money, you can check out our guide to see how to make galleons quickly!

Once you’ve purchased it and exit the shop menu, you will automatically start talking to Albie, and he will have a request for you — he wants you to test your upgraded broom on yet another course, which will help him create his final upgrade.

To reach Imelda Reyes and the new course, you will need to go almost to the southernmost end of the World Map, which will require you to go to Poidsear Coast. If you have never been to Poidsear Coast before (the southeast corner of the World Map), it can be tricky even reaching the area. Luckily, we have a How to Get to Poidsear Coast guide to help you get there!

From the North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame (where you will be after reaching Poidsear Coast for the first time), get on your broom, and take a long flight southwest, down to almost the south border of the map. Eventually, you will find a small platform in the middle of a beach area. Land on it and speak to Imelda. She will challenge you to take another trial on the new course. Once you accept, you will begin the Coastal Broom Trial.

Just like the last two broom quests, you will now need to complete the trial with a better time than Imelda’s. Despite her big talk, her record time isn’t very hard to beat. Take advantage of the speed boosts on the course (the yellow orbs you see in between rings) and your own burst of speed (playstation l2 button/button xbox lefttrigger), and the time will be fairly lenient — you can even miss some of the rings and still win if you’re fast enough!

hogwarts legacy the sky is the limit time trial

Afterwards, walk up to Imelda and she will acknowledge your victory.

Head back into Spintwitches and speak to Albie to report your success.

hogwarts legacy the sky is the limit albie

After speaking to him, you will have completed The Sky Is the Limit, and you can enjoy your improved broom! Sometime after completing this quest, you will receive an owl from Albie to tell you that the final broom upgrade is ready, and you can purchase it from him whenever you’d like (for 7500ui t galleons).

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