How to Get to Poidsear Coast – Hogwarts Legacy

Poidsear Coast is a region in Hogwarts Legacy, found southeast of South Sea Bog. Separating the northern and southern sections of the map, it can be quite tricky to actually reach. This is because you can’t simply fly over to the Poidsear Coast (the game will block you from flying just before you can reach it) — instead, you will have to find a somewhat hidden tunnel and make your way through it.

On the world map, the tunnel you have to pass through is labeled “Coastal Cavern” — making your way through the cavern is the only way to reach the southern half of the map.

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Use the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame (or whatever flame you have closest to the Coastal Cavern), get on your broom, and fly southeast until you reach a mountain — you’ll notice you won’t be allowed to fly any further once you reach it. From here, go down to the base of the mountain and fly a bit south until you notice a huge camp.

This area is heavily fortified with goblins and even trolls, all level 19 or 20. This can make it very dangerous to fight through depending on what level you are. Luckily, you can sneak through these enemies easily with Disillusionment — the enemies are very spread out in the camp, and they don’t patrol the area where you need to go. However you choose to approach the camp, go through the entrance and stick to your left, and you will notice a large tunnel opening. Make your way there and enter the tunnel.

Once you’re inside the tunnel, it’s a straight path to the other side, and you can ignore any branch offs. Around half way through, there is a branch off to the left with the East South Sea Bog Floo Flame if you want to activate it. Throughout this tunnel you will see pairs of goblins you can fight or sneak past. Since this is a much smaller area, sneaking by them can be tricky, but fighting them shouldn’t give you much of an issue since there’s not too many.

Just before you reach the tunnel exit, there will be a room with a larger group of goblins blocking the way, led by Ogbert the Odd, an Infamous Foe. Ogbert himself won’t be much of a problem, and can even be killed instantly with Ancient Magic if you have a spell ready. The bigger issue will be the 4 Loyalists around him, who are all level 25. Keep them incapacitated with spells like Accio and Glacius as much as possible, and use your most powerful spells to dwindle their numbers quickly.

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Once the goblins are dealt with, continue forward and you will quickly find the exit from the tunnel, as well as the North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame. You will now be able to get back on your broom and freely explore the Poidsear Coast!

Coming here for the first time will give you the achievement ‘Coasting Along.’

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