In the Shadow of Time – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Sebastian has found a catacomb which might hold the answer to his questions, including something to cure Anne. You must find a relic within, and he needs your help to get past its cover and uncover its dark secrets.

To start In the Shadow of Time, you’ll need to meet Sebastian in a cave near Feldcroft. Once you arrive there, speak to him with playstation square button/button xbox x v2.

After a brief conversation, the way into the catacombs, which was blocked before, will be open now. You can enter them with playstation square button/button xbox x v2.

Once you are inside, you will soon come across a room where you will be ambushed by some spiders. Between using Fire Spells (Incendio, Confringo, Bombarda) and Ancient Magic Throw, you should be able to make short work of the spiders in this room.

After taking out the spiders, cast Revelio in order to reveal several alcoves than are sealed with doors that can be opened with Accio. To open one of them, you will first need to burn away the webs blocking it using any fire spell (Incendio, Confringo, Bombarda).

Next, you can cast Accio on the box sitting on the left side of this room (1), and then move it to the opposite side of the room, where it can lead up to a separate room (2). To actually reach it, you’ll need to cast Confringo and Bombarda on the webs in the doorway (3), which will then allow you to climb up the box to reach the Collection chest in the room (4).

Drop back down and continue forward. In the next room, you will again be ambushed by a few spiders, which you can take out however you wish.

hogwarts legacy in the shadow of time 5 1 spider attack

In the same room as that spider ambush, there is another Accio alcove with a few coins (1), as well as a small chest on the right side of the room (2).

The door to the right side of this room, which hides a side path. You can force the door open by casting Depulso or Accio on it (1). This will lead to a side room where you will, again, be ambushed by spiders (2). Deal with them, then grab the chest on the right side of the room (3). Cast Confringo on the rubble in the fireplace nearby (4). Finally, cast a fire spell on the webs in the collapsed hallway (5), which will give you access to another chest (6).

After dealing with the side area, head back the way you came and continue forward. Soon, you’ll come into a large antechamber.

In this antechamber, you can drop down and go to the table in the center of the room (the one holding a bundle of bones). Next to it, you’ll find a note (1), which you can pick up, and then speak to Sebastian about it with playstation square button/button xbox x v2 (2).

Sebastian will take this in stride, and then suggest that you may have to solve a puzzle to progress.

To start, look to the northeast side of the room and look for a pile of rubble. In the lower right portion of this rubble, there will be smaller rocks you can destroy with Confringo (1). Duck under the opening made, and you’ll soon come into a room with Devil’s Snare. Cast Lumos (2) in order to get it to retreat, then cast Accio on the pull handles (3). This will release bones for you to cast Accio on (4), which you can then place on the metal platform near the entrance of the room (5). Repeat this process of casting Lumos in order to Accio a pull handle (6), casting Accio on the bones (7), and then moving them to the platform (8). Once you’ve done this twice, a skeletal bridge will form across the walkway, at the end of which will be a door that you can cast Depulso or Accio on to open (9).

You’ll come into a room with a regular chest, an Accio alcove, and a Collection chest. Once you’ve looted all of these, you can cast Accio on the pull handle next to the gate to get it to open, letting you return to Sebastian.

Going back to Sebastian, you can start the actual puzzle of this room by casting Accio on the bones on the table (1), and then moving those to the metal flooring by the exit to the room (to the east) (2). This will cause the bones to begin forming an archway, but you’ll need more bones.

Cast Revelio in order to reveal an Accio alcove in this room containing another set of bones (3). Cast Accio on those bones (4) and put them on the same metal floor as before (5).

Finally, break into the side room by blasting the door to your right with Confringo (6), then cast Revelio to find another Accio alcove containing bones (7), which you can use Accio to pick up (8) and move to the same place as before, unsealing the doorway (9).

Be aware that you will need to make a decision regarding an Unforgiveable Curse once you head through this door. Shortly after you do, Sebastian will begin a conversation with you, where you will be able to tell him whether or not you’d like to learn Imperio, the mind controlling curse.

Immediately after you finish your conversation with Sebastian, you will be ambushed by spiders, giving you a good chance to test out Imperio, if you decided to learn it.

After taking out the ambushing spiders, you’ll be able to burn away the webs on the far side of the room using any fire spells in order to access a chest.

Next, turn to your left (the north) and head down the hallway. You’ll need to burn some more webs away to access the next room, and once there you will be once again ambushed by spiders.

After taking them out, head to the far side of the room and cast Accio on the handle to get some small loot (1). Then, look to the wall on the opposite side from that and cast Confringo on a suspiciously loose wall (you can use your minimap to locate where that might be) (2). Then, go through the gap created by your spell to find a Legendary chest (3).

Elsewhere in this side room, you can locate a crumbling door blocked by webs. By burning away the webs with fire spells (1) and casting Confringo on the crumbling door (2), you’ll be able to access a few more chests (3 and 4).

Now, you can continue forward. Go back to the room where you were given the choice to learn Imperio, then cast Depulso or Accio on the door on the south side (1). Once inside, look around the room: you will see a number of doors with two symbols on them, and each of those symbols will also be found beneath pull handles that represent them.

Opening these doors is simple, and will will use the door with a chest behind it as an example. This door has a Triknot and Circular symbol of it (2), so simply find those two symbols around the room and cast Accio on the pull handles above them (3 and 4), which will open the door and let you access the chest.

In order to access the bones you will need to progress, you will need to open two doors. The first will require you to Accio the handles above the Rectangle and Spiral symbols (1), and the second will require you to pull the handles above the Rectangle and Circular symbols (2). Both of these doors will remain open, so do not feel rushed.

Now that you have access to all 3 required bone piles, you can cast Accio on each one and place them on the metal plate next to the doorway leading on from this room (1). This will eventually form an archway, causing the door to open (2).

Once the barrier-doorway is open, continue on through it.

In the next room, you’ll encounter a large amount of spiders, including some powerful Matriarchs. This encounter is sure to be somewhat more of a challenge than earlier ambushes, so making use of Ancient Magic against the Matriarchs can make it go by much quicker.

After dispatching the spiders, head to the back of the room and cast a fire spell on the webs to burn them away (1). Look to your right to find some Wiggenweld potions and chests, including an Accio alcove (2). Then, look to the table on the far side of the room to find two scrolls (which will also reveal the relic you are after) (3). Finally, speak to Sebastian about your findings (4).

After you speak to Sebastian, he will begin heading toward the exit, having found what he needed. But not before you encounter a concerned follower.

Waiting for you at the entrance to this room will be Ominis Gaunt, who tailed you through the dungeon out of concern for Sebastian‘s continued interest in the Dark Arts. After they talk briefly amongst themselves, you’ll need to speak to Ominis in order to persuade him to not tell anyone about Sebastian‘s actions. There is no way to fail this dialog.

After persuading Ominis, you and Sebastian are free to leave the catacombs. Simply follow the path you took to get in back out, following the marker if you begin to feel lost.

Once you make it outside of the catacombs, you’ll need to then run to Feldcroft. It is more than 300 meters away, and you won’t be able to use fast travel or any of your mounts to speed up the process, so you’ll need to make it there on foot. If you happen to have purchased the Swift Talent, then using it to Sonic-dash along will get you to Feldcroft just a bit faster.

Once you arrive in Feldcroft, you will realize that it is being attacked by Ranrok’s Loyalist goblins. Head into the fray and help deal with all the goblins. Expelliarmus, as usual, is highly effective against goblins, especially if you are able to toss their disarmed weaponry back at them. Making use of Ancient Magic and Ancient Magic Throw can also help clear out the attackers more efficiently.

After you finish off the last of the goblins, an important cutscene will play. In it, Sebastian will cast Imperio on a goblin in order to save his sister, but will be caught by uncle, who will be enraged at Sebastian‘s tampering with the Dark Arts.

After the cutscene, Sebastian will ask you to speak to his uncle, Solomon Sallow. Go up and speak to him.

hogwarts legacy in the shadow of time 29 1 talk to solomon

After the conversation, it will be clear that Solomon wants nothing to do with Sebastian, and will be highly disappointed with him. With a warning, he will end the conversation, which will complete the In the Shadow of Time.

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