temp hogwarts legacy depulso


Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Type: Force Spell
Range: 3000
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Repels many types of objects and enemies with considerable force

Although it deals no direct damage to foes, enemies and objects alike can be launched into each other with destructive results. Also useful for pushing and spinning objects for a variety of purposes.


How to Unlock the Depulso Spell

You learn this spell by completing the mandatory Class Assignment, Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1:

  • Acquire and use a Focus Potion
  • Acquire a Maxima and Edurus Potion and use them simultaneously
  • Attend Potions Class during the day
  • Return to Professor Sharp
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1 year ago

This spell, despite technically doing zero damage, is essentially an Avada Kedavra that doesn’t get you sent to Azkaban — as long as your enemies are standing near a ledge. Fall damage seems like it’s set to insta-kill, so as long as there’s a decent drop behind the enemy, this spell will one-shot them. You can also stand with a drop (or just on high ground), cast Accio on an enemy, then cast Depulso towards the drop!