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In Hogwarts Legacy, just like in any other RPG, gold will be the most valuable resource at your disposal. Hogwarts Legacy’s form of central gold currency is Galleons (ui t galleons) — you will need Galleons for your Potions, Potion Recipes, Plants, Plant Seeds, a whole array of Spellcrafts, and even some equipment pieces. While you have the option of spending only a very little amount of Galleons, most of your endgame setup will require hefty amounts of it!

In this article, we will introduce you to several ways of getting a lot of Galleons, relieving you of many of the burdens that come from a low financial status as a student at Hogwarts. We will show you methods of getting a large one-time payout, as well as setting up a recurring income!

Both the Room of Requirement and Vivarium are a massive money pit: you will need to invest thousands of galleons into the Spellcrafts for the crafting stations and materials like the seeds. However, it can also be an excellent money-maker when done right.

Take the Breeding Pen, for example.

Once you unlock the Breeding Pen (after completing the Foal of the Dead), you will have a way to breed your Beasts: each offspring takes 30 minutes, but sells at 120galleons hogwarts legacy icon at the Brood and Peck.

  • Fill up the Room of Requirement to its capacity with up to 3-4 Breeding Pens.
    • This way you can pair up to 32 (16 + 16) beasts to produce 16 offspring at a time (every 30 minutes).
    • You will need to unlock the Phoenix to get the 4th room in your Vivarium.
    • Earlier on you can get a lot even out of a single Breeding Pen.
  • Once you start the breeding process, head out questing.
  • Collect the offspring and sell them at the Brood and Peck.
  • Rinse and repeat.

This method requires up to 240 Moonstone of investment upfront, if you want to set up all 4 pens, but is one of the easiest and fastest ways to generate money in the game — if you do fill it up to capacity, you can earn 1920galleons hogwarts legacy icon in a single run (16 offspring).

Before you can even get a Breeding Pen, you should have your Nab-Sack from The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom quest. You can capture wild Beasts just about anywhere, and those will sell for as much as the bred ones — 120galleons hogwarts legacy icon a piece at the Brood and Peck.

  • One of the best places to capture Beasts is at the Forbidden Forest.
  • The Beast Dens on your map will lead you towards more rare species, but they aren’t always worth the hassle when any of them can be sold at the same price.

As you explore Hogwarts and its outskirts, you will eventually come across a weird-looking chest with an eyeball that seems to eerily track your movement. Since the game itself never explains to you what those are for, we will do the honors: treasure. Good stuff, too.

Eye Chests can be found hidden in some of the areas, especially inside Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade. Once you sneak into the restricted section of the library and unlock the Disillusionment charm, you will be able to open up these chests.

  • Each Disillusionment Chest will get you 500ui t galleons!
  • The amount of gold will be the same no matter where you find it.
  • Disillusionment Chests are accessible very early in the game, providing you with one of the best options for early income!

half shut eye disillusionment chest hogwarts legacy
Think they bite…?

There is a category of Fetch-type and Delivery-type quests in Hogwarts Legacy: quests that will ask you to fetch an item for someone or deliver an item from one NPC to another. These have a Galleon payout as one of the quest rewards, and are definitely worth doing (plus they typically get you some XP and a Collectible Appearance Item as well).

For example, you will encounter ‘Dissending’ for Sweets “Fetch” Quest earlier in the game and it will get you 300ui t galleons!

These quests occasionally have an offer for pay in the dialogue (“All yours! — for a fee.”) When the option does come up, choose to help the person in exchange for a fee — this will not have any negative consequences, even if the dialogue option may seem a bit rude, but can get you as much as 200galleons hogwarts legacy icon extra Galleons — A Demanding Delivery quest, for example, will get you 500galleons hogwarts legacy icon if you ask for a reward, or 300ui t galleons if you do not.

Watch out for other quests that may have this option: it could amount to a big difference!

While some gear pieces you find will be great to equip on your character, many others will just fill up your limited gear inventory space. You should sell your gear as soon as possible: you will find quite a bit as you do some exploration on your own — in Hamlets, Treasure Valults, and even some Hidden Dungeons, all of them filled with chests, bags, and lots of other containers with a large variety of items. Selling it will be one of your main sources of income.

You can sell your gear at any shop.

selling items hogwarts legacy
Remember to complete Merlin Trials to increase your Gear inventory space!

  • Well-Appointed: 60ui t galleons
  • Superb: 90ui t galleons
  • Extraordinary: 150ui t galleons
  • Legendary: 200ui t galleons
  • Whether it’s a Potion Shop or an Equipment Shop — all gear sell prices will stay the same!
  • Be prepared that won’t be able to sell gear during a Main Story mission that requires you to be in a specific area: leaving the area will automatically fail the quest.
  • Worth repeating: sell gear often! Especially so before starting a quest.
  • Complete the Playstation-exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade quest to sell your gear for 10% more.

Another great option if you run out of Disillusionment Chests or items to sell is simply looting each sack, chest, or container that you find inside the buildings of Hogwarts Legacy’s Villages and Hamlets.

This option becomes available much later in the game since you will require the Alohamora Charm for this from later in the Main Story questline — most buildings will be locked otherwise. Even so, it will be one of the most profitable options available — all of the chests found in the homes you will pillage will hold many valuable items and Galleons, ripe for the taking.

Now that you know all the ways to earn Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy, we hope you manage to create a vault full of them that would rival Gringots itself! Let us know in the comment section below which one of the methods you found to be the most efficient!

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Christopher Song
Christopher Song
1 year ago

I think if you also own your shop in Hogsmeade, it can sell little higher than usual.