Brother’s Keeper – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

When meandering through Upper Hogsfield, the player will hear a woman talking about a missing person. If the player approaches Dorothy Sprottle, she will divulge that the local shopkeeper’s brother is missing and that he was practicing dark magic. After accepting the quest, you will have a new marker to track.

After speaking with Dorothy, start by tracking the quest in your Quests tab. Then, fly on your broom to the nearby location, following your minimap or marker. You can equip your broom by opening your item wheel (by holding button xbox leftbumper / playstation l1 button) and pressing button xbox b v2/playstation circle button. It is a short flight, so no need to fast travel via Floo Flame.

Upon arriving at the site, you will be met by a group of Infernius (basically zombies).

These enemies can be tough if you don’t have the right spells equipped. To change your spells, press button xbox dpad right, then hold button xbox righttrigger after selecting the spell in order to map it to a button. You will want to have your spells that do fire damage, such as Confringo and Incendio, ready to go, because these enemies won’t take damage unless they’re burned first. Fortunately, there are also explosive barrels around the area. Hit button xbox rightbumper to use the Ancient Magic Throw to jettison them at the enemies and do massive damage.

hogwarts legacy brothers keeper explosive barrel
Don’t know who put all these explosives around, but thank you

After fighting a horde of enemies, a higher-leveled Infurius will attack. It’s named “Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse”, and he’s only marginally more difficult than the other Infurius you’ve already dispatched (though he does have a lovely red jumped). When the fight is won, you will receive Bardolph Beaumont’s Tattered Jumper.

You can fast travel back to Upper Hogsfield or fly over on your broom. Claire will be in the small circle at her shop stand. Speak to her, then you can either enlighten her to her brother’s demise or lie to her and tell her he left. You’ll have to give her the jumper so that she knows the information is legitimate.

hogwarts legacy brothers keeper claire bardolph
Claire will be sad to hear of her brother’s fate, if you tell her…

Whether you were truthful or lied to Claire, the quest will finish, and you’ll get a super cool Arrow – Black Wand Handle.

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