Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Unlike the other assignments thus far, you can complete Hecat’s Assignment 2 while doing other quests or exploring. This gives you the prime opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, progressing down the main storyline while completing this vital schoolwork.

  • Quest Type: Mandatory Class Assignment
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Requirements:
    • Completed Tomes and Tribulations
  • Rewards:

You don’t have to talk to Professor Hecat to start this quest, it will start automatically. In order to complete it you will have to avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling 10 times and using the Incendio spell 5 times on enemies.

Some Quests you can complete these tasks during include The Trials of Merlin and Crossed Wands Round 3.

To complete this objective you will have to complete 10 successful dodge rolls. To perform one, wait for an orange or red halo to appear above your character’s head and roll using playstation circle button / button xbox b v2. A helpful tip for this is eliminating all but one opponent in a battle, making it easy to repetitively dodge roll their attacks.

You can finish this objective at the same time as the last one by making sure to use Incendio while in-battle. It’s one of the stronger spells available to you at this point so it’s worth using regardless.

hogwarts legacy casting incendio
Incendio in action

After completing the tasks above, head to the Defense Against the Dark Art class, located conveniently by a Floo Flame. Simply walk in, wait if needed, and watch the cutscene to move on to the next part.

Finally with the cutscene over, talk to Hecat to complete the quest. She will teach you Expelliarmus, a powerful spell to disarm enemies.

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