The Hall of Herodiana – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

The Hall of Herodiana is an optional quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Sophronia Franklin is a superfan of Herodiana Byrne, who is known as the greatest Depulso master of all time. Sophronia heard that Herodiana built a secret Depulso training room in Hogwarts. However, since she is only a third-year, she hasn’t learned the spell yet to even go in the room. That’s where you come in.

To start the quest The Hall of Herodiana, you will need to speak with Sophronia Franklin. To reach her, simply use the Charms Classroom Floo Flame and face west. She will be looking at a painting not far ahead. Talking with her (with playstation square button/button xbox x v2) will begin The Hall of Herodiana, and she will have a request for you — she wishes for you to go through Sophronia Franklin’s hidden training room within Hogwarts, and retrieve her signature outfit.

hogwarts legacy the hall of herodiana sophronia

To find the entrance to the Hall of Herodiana, use the Transfiguration Courtyard Floo Flame, and enter the door next to it. To your left, you will see a glass wall that looks like it has a button in the middle. Cast Depulso on this button, and a doorway will appear. Go through the doors to enter the Hall of Herodiana.

Note that despite the premise of this quest, you will need both Accio and Depulso for the upcoming puzzles, so have both ready to be cast.

Once inside, you will be tasked with solving three puzzles, with each one rewarding you with a piece of Herodiana’s outfit. The puzzle rooms themselves will be made out of large blocks, with two or three blocks glowing (and usually attached to each other) — the glowing blocks are the only ones that you can move. You will need to use Depulso and Accio to move the glowing blocks in a way to let you reach the exit on the other side of the room.

The first puzzle is extremely simple. Simply cast Depulso on the glowing blocks to push them to the other side of the room, then climb up them to reach the door. Open the chest in front of you to get the Herodiana’s Cape appearance, then continue forward to the next puzzle.

In the second room, you will see two glowing blocks on the right side, and one on the left side that is floating in the air. You will also notice a small floating cube on the far right corner of the room. Hitting this cube will a Basic Cast will reset the glowing boxes if needed.

First, you will need to cast Accio on the two blocks to pull them under the third (1). Be careful of where you’re standing, however — if you cast it while standing directly in front of the blocks, they will crush you, and the puzzle will reset. Once the two blocks are moved, all three will be attached to each other.

The next step will be to use Depulso on the blocks to send them to the east side of the room (2). Finally, cast Accio on them again to drag them south (3). Making it through this puzzle will reward you with the Herodiana’s Attire appearance.

In the final room, there will be two glowing blocks on the right side of the room, with another small cube along the right wall. First, cast Accio on the blocks to place them against the south wall wall (1), then cast Depulso to send them east and next to the small cube (2). Then, run to the north side of the room, and cast Accio to drag them to your side (3).

Make sure you’re standing on the newly reachable blocks, then use a Basic Cast on the small block to reset the large ones (1). Now that the blocks are reset, cast Accio on them to bring them to the far south side of the room (2), then cast it one more time to bring them north and close to you (3). Reaching the other side will reward you with the Herodiana’s Cap appearance. After you have collected it, simply move forward to exit the Hall.

Return to Sophronia, who will be in the same spot as when you started the quest. Talk to her to show her Herodiana’s outfit, though you will have the option to charge her, or deny the request altogether.

hogwarts legacy the hall of herodiana sophronia 2

After speaking with her, you will have completed The Hall of Herodiana, and have a few new looks you can try on!

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