Interior Decorating – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Professor Weasley and Deek want to show off some more features and decorating options available in the Room of Requirement.

  • Quest Type: Optional Side Quest
  • Location: Room of Requirement (map)
  • Requirements
    • Complete Room of Requirement Quest
  • Rewards

Travel to the Room of Requirement by fast travelling through the secret areas section of the Hogwarts Map. Weasley will be waiting inside the room, talk to her to begin the quest.

In order to proceed, you will need to have 15 Moonstone in your inventory. You should have plenty from casting Evanesco on the piles of chairs from the Room of Requirement quest. If not, you can cast Evanesco on anything built inside your room to get the Moonstone refunded.

It’s possible you never actually see this objective, and that’s okay! That means you already have the Moonstone you need.

Simply talk to Professor Weasley again to continue the quest. She explains that the Conjuring Spell can be used for more than actually productive tasks, you can also decorate the area as well!

To fulfill this objective, you will have to use the Conjuring Spell place five different decorations that can be placed on walls. This includes mirrors and paintings, and the items do not have to be unique.

hogwarts legacy interior decorating placing a mirror on wall

Similar to the prior objective, you have to place five decorations on the floor. They can be any rugs, statues, lamps, or tables available to build.

After your decorating spree, talk to Professor Weasley one more time. She will teach you the Altering Spell, which you’ll be using for the next few tasks.

Aim at any of the decoration items you placed, and cast the Altering Spell. Select a different style using playstation left button / playstation right button and exit the menu to fulfill the task. You can do this with any item that has multiple styles.

hogwarts legacy interior decorating casting alteration on a mirror
The Altering Spell in action

Similarly, simply aim at a decoration item with multiple colors, cast the Altering Spell, and change the color of the item you selected with playstation left button / playstation right button .

For one last time, cast the Altering Spell at an item with multiple size options like a mirror and change the size of it using playstation left button / playstation right button.

Finally, some variety in the quest! Now instead of casting the spell at an item, you’ll be casting it at either the balcony or the floor. Select any change you want for what you select and you will automatically talk to Weasley.

To wrap up the customization of your room, speak to Deek near the entrance. Deek has the ability to change the atmosphere of your room to fit the aesthetic you’re aiming for. This will be a complete overhaul of the room’s aesthetic and you can change it as many times as you like, so don’t feel pressured to make the perfect choice right away.

hogwarts legacy interior decorating moonlight ambiance atmosphere
The result of the moonlight ambiance option

After a short cutscene, the quest will end!

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