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Once you get a chance to rescue some endangered species, you might want to help preserve their population by breeding them in your Vivarium. The only way you can breed your beasts is by using the Breeding Pen. There is definitely a benefit to doing so, since they will be producing some valuable materials for you (plus, breeding Beasts can be a good source of galleons). This guide will walk you through unlocking the Breeding Pen, setting it up, and using it to breed your Beasts.

While you can get access to Vivarium quite early in Hogwarts Legacy, the option to use the Breeding Pen will come much further into the storyline.

To access the Breeding Pen, first, you must speak to Deek and complete his third side quest, Foal of the Dead. This will be a tutorial for the Breeding Pen, making you capture a pair of Thestrals with a Nab-Sack and then visit the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade to acquire the required Spellcraft.

tomes and scrolls breeding pen spellcraft hogwarts legacy
Breeding Pen Spellcraft in the Tomes and Scrolls shop

Once you buy the Spellcraft, you can return to Deek and place your Breeding Pen in the Vivarium!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Technically, you can place an unlimited number of Breeding Pens in your Vivarium. Theoretically, only about 4 will fit into the space.
  • Each Breeding Pen can hold up to 12 Beasts and 4 different Species.
  • Each Breeding Pen requires 15x Moonstones to place.

To use the Breeding Pen, approach it after you place it and press the playstation square button/ button xbox a v2/ F button, depending on whether you play on PC or Console.

breeding pen thestrals hogwarts legacy
Select a Beast from your Nab-Sack to add it to the Breeding Pen
beasts in the breeding pen hogwarts legacy
Here is how it will look inside the Pen

Now you will be able to view all of the Magical Beasts you rescued with your Nab-Sack. Select the beast Species you wish to breed. For example, in the images above we can see a Thestral being placed in the Breeding Pen during the Foal of the Dead side quest tutorial.

Once you placed both a Male Magical Beast and a Female Magical Beast in the Breeding Pen, you will be able to select which of the species you will want to create an offspring for.

breed button

  • Keep in mind that you can only have 4 species bred in the same Breeding Pen at a time.
  • Producing an offspring takes 30 minutes.
  • If you keep selling the offspring at the Brood and Peck, setting up a couple more pens can help with a steady supply of galleons.

Now that you know to set up a Breeding Pen and breed your Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, we hope that you will save quire a few endangered Magical Beasts species. Let us know if we missed any tips in the comment section below, or share your favorite Beast species!

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