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While Hogwarts Legacy has achievements just like any other RPG, it also has its own unique Challenges system for tracking your character’s accomplishments. By reaching certain milestones or doing specific tasks, you’ll be able to complete Challenges. In addition to being part of 100% completion, these challenges serve as a cool way to see all that you’ve done in Hogwarts Legacy. In this guide, we’ll go over the various categories of Challenges, and discuss how best to complete some of the trickier ones.

Please note that this guide is a work in progress, and will be updated with more information and tips once the game is released.

The Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy are separated into five distinct categories: Combat, Quests, Exploration, Field Guide Pages, and Room of Requirement. Your progress in each category can be found on the main Challenges page, displayed as a percentage of the total challenges you’ve completed.

Many of these challenges have multiple tiers — after completing the first version of the challenge, you’ll then start on the more difficult version. This is indicated in the list below by numbers in parentheses following the challenge’s description. For example, “Defeat Dark Wizards (10/20/30)” means that you’ll have to defeat 10 Dark Wizards to complete the first tier of the challenge, then 20 more, and then 30 more (the number you’ve defeated resets to zero each time).

The challenges in this category are exactly what you’d imagine. Completing them requires engaging in combat with enemies. A few Combat Challenges have already been revealed in pre-release footage:

  • Defeat Dark Wizards (10/20/30)
  • Defeat Goblins (10/20/30)

There are a lot of quests in Hogwarts Legacy, and they’re organized by type — there are Main Story quests, Side Missions, Class Assignments, Relationship Missions, and Beast Missions. It’s likely the quest challenges will require completing the different types of quests.

Not only is Hogwarts huge, but the open world of the Highlands that surround the castle are even bigger. From small Hamlets to Cairn dungeons, there are tons of places to find — there’s no doubt that Exploration challenges will involve racking up the discoveries.

Early on in the game, Professor Weasley will give you a Field Guide. A loan from the Ministry of Magic, it will find magical opportunities for learning as you explore the world, essentially functioning as a kind of portable tutorial and training tool. Judging from the title, some of these challenges will involve finding all the various categories of field guide pages. The Field Guide also gives you tasks, so some of the Field Guide Pages Challenges will no doubt require these tasks.

We know one of the Field Guide Pages Challenges so far:

  • Collect Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts (2)

The Room of Requirement plays an important role in the game, as it’s where you craft Potions, grow and harvest Plants, and where the magical creatures you rescue live (in the Vivarium). You also use the Loom in the Room of Requirement to upgrade your Gear, and there are lots of options for decorating the Room to your liking. It seems natural that the challenges here will relate to the various options in the RoR.

We hope this guide on Hogwarts Legacy’s Challenges was helpful! Questions, comments, and your best tips on completing the challenges welcome in the comments below.

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