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Hogwarts Legacy is a huge game, and one with a ton of mechanics. While this is fantastic for us witches and wizards, it does make it hard to estimate how long it takes to beat the game, as well as how difficult the game really is. Thankfully, we are here to clear things up: this guide will let you know both how long Hogwarts Legacy is, and how hard it is.

The answer to “How Long Does Hogwarts Legacy” take to beat depends highly on two factors: what difficulty you select, and your skill level and familiarity with these kinds of open-world games. The official art book suggests that Hogwarts Legacy will take 35 hours to complete the main story, with 70 hours required in order to get 100% completion.

However, the reality is more complex. For achievement hunters and people who are very experienced with these kinds of games, it seems that the game can be beaten in 15-25 hours, with higher difficulties approaching 25 hours and easier difficulties taking as few as 15.

For less experienced players, the estimated time for completion is closer to accurate, with average players taking about 25-35 hours to beat the game.

For 100% completion, the time to complete depends mostly on game difficulty, but it takes most players between 60 and 80 hours (regardless of experience) to get everything in the game, with the distribution between those again being mainly determined by difficulty.

Hogwarts Legacy is more challenging than meets the eye. Between the many different spells and enemy types, variety of techniques, depth of the systems present, and necessity of combos and enemy juggling, it can take a while to get accustomed to the game. Even then, combat doesn’t tend to let up much, and even at lower difficulties you can easily find your health bar slipping into the red. All this combined paints Hogwarts Legacy as a rather hard game, though it does have enough difficulty options to make it manageable for all players.

The difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy are:

  • Hard
  • Normal
  • Easy
  • Story
hogwarts legacy difficulty select
Game difficulty can be selected during character creation, and changed later in the game’s settings menu

On Hard difficulty, Hogwarts Legacy can be unforgiving, with enemies that hit very hard while taking a lot of punishment. Healing Wiggenweld Potions are a scarce resource, and you will have to make clever use of your arsenal of spells, mechanics, and consumables to make it through until late-game when some very powerful spells finally make the difficulty plateau.

On Normal difficulty, you will still be faced with a challenge, though the average player should be able to get through any tough spots with some patience and leveling. You will need to focus to complete this difficulty, but the plateau where you become powerful enough to consistently beat encounters the first time comes much sooner.

On Story and Easy difficulties, most players should be able to breeze through without much difficulty, though there still can be a couple of trouble spots. Generally, though, you should be able to avoid dying on these difficulties so that you can focus on completing the story or collecting all the various goodies throughout the game.

So, there you have it: the game length and relative difficulty of Hogwarts Legacy. Hopefully, this guide helps you pick a difficulty appropriate for you, and gives you an idea of how long it will take for you to beat or 100% the game.

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