Take the Biscuit – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Take the Biscuit is an optional quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Garnuff’s beloved Mooncalf, Biscuit, has been abducted by poachers. He is worried sick thinking of what they could possibly be doing to her, but unfortunately he is far too weak to stand up to them. Maybe you can rescue Biscuit before it’s too late.

To start the quest Take the Biscuit, you will have to speak with Garnuff. Take the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame, look west and take the left path, and he will be on your right. Talking with him (with playstation square button/button xbox x v2) will begin Take the Biscuit, where he will ask for your help — his Mooncalf Biscuit has been abducted, and he would like for you to rescue her.

hogwarts legacy take the biscuit garnuff

If you happened to have unlocked the East North Ford Floo Flame, you can simply take that and fly east briefly. Otherwise, leave Hogsmeade from the north side, get on your broom, and fly north until you reach a camp in the middle of the forest.

The camp will be fortified by level 20 Poachers that you will need to take down. There will be a few Poachers with purple or yellow barriers, so have the appropriate spells ready, and keep in mind that the Duelists will be immune to spells that manipulate them such as Accio and Expelliarmus. Otherwise, they shouldn’t give you much of an issue.

hogwarts legacy take the biscuit poachers

After you clear out the Poachers, you will notice a large cage in the middle of the camp. It is locked by a Level I Lock, so use Alohomora to open it. Once it’s unlocked, all of the Mooncalves inside will escape — one of them will be Biscuit. She will be white, and smaller than the rest of the pack. Once you locate her, cast Levioso on her, and use your Nab-Sack to grab her. You will have to attempt to capture her three times before you get her (you will see the dots under her track your attempts).

Once you have Biscuit, return to Garnuff, who will be in the same spot as when you started the quest. Speak to him to return Biscuit, though you can choose to make him pay more for her, or keep Biscuit for yourself altogether. (There are no consequences for asking for more money and a lot of galleons you could gain, as we discuss in our How to Make Gold guide).

hogwarts legacy take the biscuit garnuff 2

After speaking with him, you will have completed Take the Biscuit, and have a new robe to try on!

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1 year ago

Unfortunately there is a glitch here. I started the quest like normal but there wasn’t a lock to unlock. I have also heard that if you do the quest before you officially start it that it causes a problem with completing the quest. The creators know about it and will likely patch it (hopefully soon). The completionist in me is rather looking forward to this patch.