Nab-Sack Hogwarts Legacy


Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Type: Utility Spell
Cooldown: 0 seconds

A charmed bad that can be used to rescue and hold beasts.

Captures a Beast into your Inventory. Can be sold or released inside the Vivarium.

How to Unlock the Nab-Sack

Acquired by completing the Main Story quest The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom:

  • Let Deek know when you are ready to leave
  • Follow Deek
  • Rescue a Puffskein
  • Talk to Deek
  • Meet Deek near the Jobberknoll habitat
  • Rescue a Jobberknoll
  • Talk to Deek and Meet Deek near the Mooncalf habitat
  • Rescue a Mooncalf
  • Talk to Deek and return to the Room of Requirement
  • Collect a Jobberknoll Feather, Puffskein fur, and Mooncalf fur
  • Speak with Deek and Exit the Vivarium
  • Conjure an enchanted loom
  • Add a trait to an item of clothing
  • Upgrade an item of clothing
  • Tell Deek you have used the enchanted loom
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