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Throughout the highlands of Hogwarts Legacy, there are enemies to fear that are stronger than the typical poacher or Ashwinder. Infamous Foes are bosses that you can find scattered throughout the world and during quests. If you’re craving a challenge or are just a completionist, you’ll want to hunt down and defeat the 21 Infamous Foes.

Each Foe’s region is based on where they are located OR where the side quest to defeat them begins. For example, The Absconder is technically located in the Forbidden Forest, but the quest to actually defeat it appears in South Hogwarts.

Infamous Foes are some of the strongest enemies in Hogwarts Legacy. They are high level variations of existing enemies in-game, such as dark wizards or trolls. Unlike bosses, they do not have any special abilities to watch out for in combat.

Five Infamous Foes can be found in Hogsmeade Valley.

Tempest Thorne is a dark wizard and one of the leaders of the poachers. You’ll find them in Falbarton Castle, in the northeastern part of the region. They can be found in the main courtyard of the castle, accessible beyond the main gate or by flying over the castle walls.

This violent, corrupted Dugbog has been trapped by local villages. During battle with it you’ll also have to fight three other Dugbogs. It can be found southeast of the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame.

Defeating Dugbogs can be tricky thanks to their tough armor. To soften them up, try casting Levioso when they use their tongue attack or Flipendo after their charge attack.

Gwendolyn is an Ashwinder informant that you’ll end up fighting in the peaceful town of Hogsmeade. You’ll have to defeat them during the side quest A Basis for Blackmail.

This Inferius was once the brother to Claire Beaumont in Upper Hogsfield. To defeat it you will have to complete the Brother’s Keeper side quest. Remember to burn it before casting any other spells, since Inferi are immune to damage before being hit with a fire spell.

This giant arachnid can only be battled during the side quest Tangled Web. It can be started at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade after completing the Absconder Encounter. Using fire spells such as Confrigo and Incendio will help defeat the spider thanks to it being weak to fire.

The only Infamous Foe in North Hogwarts is Pergit.

A goblin rebel, Pergit can be found in the Korrow Ruins northeast of Hogwarts. Starting the Tale of Rowland Oakes is neccessary to access the ruins and defeat him.

The only infamous foe accessible from South Hogwarts is the previously mentioned Absconder.

This massive Acromantula can only be fought during the Absconder Encounter side quest. You can start the quest by heading to Aranshire, directly east of Hogwarts. Speak to the merchant Edgar Adley to begin your hunt.

As with all spider-like enemies, fire spells will be extremely effective in this fight.

You’ll find five Infamous Foes in the valley south of Hogwarts, including a pair of foes.

Directly west of Keenbridge, there is a small cave with this Infamous Foe tandem. It can be tricky to find, so try approaching the Infamous Foe marking on your map from the nearby Merlin Trial. You should see a staircase leading down into the cave. Both The Grim and The White Wolf are high level mongrels, so they lack any special attacks. Utilizing Protego and Stupefy should help you take one wolf on at a time.

In addition to the mongrels, you will also have to battle several Inferi. Remember that they can only take damage while burning, so flame attacks that hit multiple targets like Incendio or upgraded Confringo will be invaluable here.

This swampy troll can be found northeast of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame. Once you see a large wooden structure that resembles a tent, you’re close to the troll. Just like all trolls, expect a high health enemy and plenty of unblockable attacks. Whenever a troll’s club gets stuck to the ground, cast Flipendo to deal some serious damage to it.

Unlike the previous troll, you’ll have to start a side quest to battle this foe. Travel to Brocburrow and find Alexandra Ricketts to start the side quest Troll Control. Keep in mind the tips above for the Quagmire Troll once you start combat.

East of Brocburrow, you’ll find yet another Infamous Foe troll. This one is located inside the Dale Family Tomb, almost as far east as you can go in the region.

Two Infamous Foes roam Sebastian’s home region of Feldcroft.

You’ll find Belgruff stationed at Rookwood Castle, the site of Charles Rookwood’s Trial. He won’t be there during the quest, so you’ll have to defeat him before or after it. Plenty of Ranrok’s Loyalists will be there with him, so it might be wise to stealthily eliminate a few with Petrificus Totalus before engaging Belgruff.

In order to defeat Catrin, you’ll have to progress through Natsai Onai’s relationship quests until you reach The Lost Child. She appears towards the end of the quest and is required to be beaten to complete it.

Before you get to the dangerous southern regions, you’ll have to battle a single Infamous Foe.

Ogbert is located in the cavern that connects the northern and southern part of the maps. Fighting him is similar to fighting most goblins, but be careful of alerting too many goblins inside the cavern or you might get overwhelmed.

One Infamous Foe occupies the bandit castle in Poidsear Coast.

Iona is a cruel dark witch and poacher holed up south of the Poidsear Castle Floo Flame. If she activates a shield, be sure to use an identically colored spell, Stupefy, or Ancient Magic to destroy it before continuing the battle.

Only one Infamous Foe exists in Marunweem Lake, but you’ll have to progress significantly through the main questline to reach him.

Grodbik can be found on a lower level in the Coastal Mines, a location that isn’t available until you begin the Lodgok’s Loyalty quest. You do not have to defeat him during the quest, but you certainly can if you’re craving some challenge.

Head to the mines from the mine cart, and cross the first gap with Accio. Continue along the path and you’ll see an unlit furnace, cast Incendio or Confringo on it to turn on the elevator that leads to Grodbik. After you activate the furnace, travel north down some stairs and you’ll see the aforementioned elevator. Travel down the elevator to begin your fight.

By using Disillusionment and Petrificus Totalus you can eliminate some of the goblins around Grodbik to make the fight easier.

hogwarts legacy grodbik fight
Grodbik has quite a few friends

Three Infamous Foes can be found on opposite sides of the Manor Cape region, including another pair of foes.

In order to defeat this Infamous Foe tandem, you’ll have to complete the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest. Fighting Ailsa is similar to any dark witch battle, while the Lord of the Manor is an Inferius. Be sure to cast any fire spell on him such as Confringo before any other spell.

Dunstan is located in southern Manor Cape outside of Henrietta’s Hideaway. He is a dark wizard with several others helping him, so try to isolate them and defeat one at a time to make the fight a breeze.

This perilous southern region is only home to one Infamous Foe.

The dark wizard Silvanus can be found amidst other Ashwinders within Clagmar Castle. As the highest level region in the game, keep in mind that battling through everybody will be difficult if you are a lower level. Eliminating some enemies with stealth would be prudent if you don’t want to battle a small army at one time.

If you didn’t get enough combat from the main story, tracking down the Infamous Foes might be perfect for you. Have any questions about these powerful enemies? Leave them in the comments below!

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