natsai onai portrait hogwarts legacy

Natsai Onai

Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Student at Hogwarts. In House Gryffindor.

Natsai is one of the player’s companions and plays an important role throughout the story.

Wise, quick-witted, and possessed of a need to seek justice, Natsai grew up in Matabeleland, Africa where she attended Uagadou — the largest wizarding school in the world. She transferred to Hogwarts when her mother became the school’s Divination professor and is adapting to her new life in Scotland.

Natsai Onai Relationship (Companion) Quests

  • The Lost Child
  • Mum’s the Word
  • A Basis for Blackmail
  • Grief and Vengeance
  • Finding Focus
  • Harlow’s Last Stand
  • Acting on Instinct
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