How to Solve the Faculty Tower’s Puzzle Door – Hogwarts Legacy

The Faculty Tower can only be accessed during or after the quest The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament because the player needs the spell Alohamora to enter the area. We recommend doing it after the quest because it will no longer be a restricted area.

The puzzle door is located on the second floor of the faculty tower. In order to open it, players will need to put the correct symbols on each of the two question mark panels in the area. The player can cast Revelio to make the panels glow blue.

The symbol panels to open the puzzle door are in the same room as the door itself. The double question mark panel is in the right corner when facing the door. The single question mark panel is on the left wall when facing the door. The correct symbol for the double question mark panel is the Hydra, and the correct symbol for the single question mark panel is the Otter.

For the Faculty Tower’s puzzle door, shown below, we can see that the top triangle for the single question mark panel was 5+ 8 (Spider) + ? 0 (Otter) = 13. In addition, the bottom triangle was Griphorn Head (2) + 3 + ?? Hydra (9) = 14.

hogwarts legacy puzzle door guide all icons and numbered
Reference Sheet
hogwarts legacy puzzle doors faculty puzzle

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Jay Mike
Jay Mike
1 year ago

None of your answers to these are correct, I’m baffled lol

Reply to  Jay Mike
1 year ago

That makes two of us! I’ve tested this solution myself and it works; a quick google search reveals that every guide out there has the same answer. I suggest using the reference sheet in the bottom-most gallery to make sure you’re inputting the correct symbols.