Gained as part of the game’s first quest, The Path to Hogwarts:

  • Follow Professor Fig
  • Explore the ruins
  • Wake the Goblin & Follow Professor Fig
  • Proceed into the Vault
  • Stay close to Professor Fig & Determine how to proceed
  • Protego incoming enemy attacks
  • Find Professor Fig
  • Hold Protego to Stupefy Counter Enemies
  • Find Professor Fig

If you hear a sound when you cast Revelio, that means there is a field guide page nearby. The louder the noise is, the closer you are to the page. If you’re hearing a sound but not sure where the page is, be sure to look in all directions including up and down. It’s very possible, especially inside Hogwarts, that the page is on a different floor if you aren’t seeing it nearby.

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9 months ago

Could have chosen any other symbol for the spell, seriously

Reply to  Dee
9 months ago

Looks like the Illuminati eye right?

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