How to Find Trolls – Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will have fierce battles with a multitude of enemies, but none will be as infamously tough as the Trolls. Just like in most RPGs, Trolls are savage, troublesome creatures that are hard to defeat. Thankfully, these Trolls do not regenerate health, but be warned: these creatures can sustain vast amounts of damage before their demise.

In this article, we will introduce you to Troll Lairs, where to find them, and what types of Trolls you can encounter!

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will encounter Trolls in special locations — the Troll Lairs. These lairs are scattered throughout the map, with a considerable distance between each of them. Depending on the Troll Type, you can also encounter trolls in various other locations. More info on this is later in the guide!

Troll Lairs will have Trolls with a level appropriate to their zone’s general level, with Trolls on the north side of the map being around level 23-24. Since we know that you want to get all the Troll Bogeys possible, rest assured that once you defeat a troll, after a certain time, it will respawn inside its lair!

Just as we mentioned earlier in the article, there is a variety of Trolls in the game to discover and fight. We will now go over the different variants of Trolls that you will be able to find in the wilderness!

River Trolls are the weakest variant that you can encounter. They can often be found near water sources.

Forest Trolls are the most common variant of trolls. They can be found in Lairs scattered across the map. One such example is the Troll Lair we’ve shown you in the northern part of Hogsmeade (in the Forbidden Forest) under How to Find Trolls earlier in the article. You can also find Troll Lairs that have Forest Trolls all across the Poisear Coast!

Lastly, you will also be able to find Forest Trolls in locations with Bandit Camps and Dark Wizard Camps, in the areas like the Forbidden Forest.

forest troll in dark wizard camp hogwarts legacy
A Forest Troll assaulting Dark Wizards and Poachers

During the Main Story Quests you will encounter a dangerous Mountain Troll that pose a serious threat to you and Sebastian Sallow — specifically, during In the Shadow of the Mountain.

mountain troll hogwarts legacy
A rather difficult Troll to kill inside the mountain

Armored Trolls can be encountered in two specific locations: Ranrok Loyalist Camps or inside the Battle Arenas.

armored troll hogwarts legacy
Armored Troll in the Feldcroft Battle Arena

Compared to other Troll types, the Armored Trolls come with different name variants, ranging from Fighter Trolls to Fortified Trolls and Armored Trolls! Nonetheless, they all can fit under the Armored Troll category.

Lastly, there is one more Troll type that can be found in the game, which is more of a mini-boss than a normal Troll Variant. You will be able to find it in the Hogwarts Valley, near the South Sea Bog.

Beware that the Quagmire Troll is a very powerful foe, so you might need to make some preparations for the battle!

Now that you know where to find each of the Troll types, we hope that you conquer them all in the fierce battles that await you. Let us know in the comment section below which of the Troll types you thought was the hardest to battle!

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