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There is more to magic in Hogwarts Legacy than spells. Beasts, potions, and — of course — plants are all infused with unique and fascinating magical effects, which can be harnessed and extracted to create powerful tools for you to use against the dark forces that threaten Hogwarts. Whether you want to use combat plants to get an advantage against your adversaries, or grow plants to turn into powerful ingredients, this is the guide for you!

There are several ways to get plants in Hogwarts Legacy, but thankfully all of them are easy to understand and access. The ways of acquiring plants is as follows:

  • Find Them: Especially for potion ingredient plants, you can find them all throughout Hogwarts Legacy. Check off the beaten path, near places like ponds, caves, or bushes, and you will be sure to find enough potion ingredients to stock Professor Sharp’s classroom.
  • Grow Them: You can acquire seeds by purchasing them at the Magic Neep and Dogweed and Deathcap which you can then take to a Potting Station in the Room of Requirement. From there, you simply need to plant them and wait for them to grow. Once they’ve been given enough time, they can be harvested.
  • Buy Them: Both the Magic Neep and Dogweed and Deathcap have several plants for sale, with the latter specializing in Combat Plants and the former in Potion Ingredients. If you don’t want to scavenge or garden, purchase.
  • Earn Them: Several quests reward you with seeds and plants for completing some or all of their steps. Of particular note is Professor Garlick, whose Herbology classes will frequently award you with Herbology specimens.

Plants are separated into two categories in Hogwarts Legacy: Combat Plants, which can be used as consumable powers, and Potion Ingredients, which can be brewed into Potions.

Below are all the combat plants in Hogwarts Legacy. This list describes what they are used for, where to get the seeds, and any requirements to grow them.

hogwarts legacy plant combat

Below are all the plants that are used as potion ingredients. This list will also describe what potions they are used for.

hogwarts legacy plant ingredients

You might be wondering why the mushroom-like Horklumps, aren’t on this list. The answer is that, while they may look like plants or fungus, Horklumps are actually beasts. Collecting these will give you Horklump Juice, which is needed to make the Wiggenweld Potion.

Horklumps can be found all over the Highlands, particularly near Treasure Vaults. There is a spot north of Hogsmeade called Horklump Hollow that is littered with the beasts as well. Alternatively, you can purchase them at J. Pippins Potions or similar shops.

Now that you know all about Herbology (and the many deadly flora which it deal with), you are ready to take your plants and potions out in order to take on the many sinister forces in and around Hogwarts. Just make sure to wear earmuffs if you are bringing mandrakes.

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