hogwarts legacy fluxweed stem

Fluxweed Stem

Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Category: Ingredients
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Flexible stems used in the Focus Potion. Fluxweed seeds can be purchased from The Magic Neep. Must be grown in large pots.

Where to Find Fluxweed

Fluxweed can be either grown or bought directly (as a Fluxweed Stem) from a vendor — either from a Hogsmeade shop or a Hamlet Shop. To grow Fluxweed, you will first have to buy the Fluxweed Seeds from the Magic Neep in Hogsmeade. The seeds can be planted once you unlock the Room of Requirement; they can be grown in any type of pot at your Potting Table. If you choose to buy Fluxweed Stem, the Magic Neep and the Marunweem Hamlet Vendor have a constant supply that respawns after a certain amount of time.

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