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Welcome, young wizards and witches, to EIP’s Combat Basics for Hogwarts Legacy!

Upon stepping onto the mystical grounds of Hogwarts, you will quickly find many enticing spells that you will want to master and collect in your magical tomes. Combat in Hogwarts Legacy takes a diversified shape, with many opportunities arising at every corner. You may find yourself exploring spells that specialize in binding your enemies, spells that outright confuse, curse, and disarm your opponents, or even attacks that cause severe and aggravating wounds that may never be healed.

Hogwarts Legacy explores a dynamic combat system with seamless endless combo possibilities, allowing you to experience an exquisite fast-paced action that will nurture and develop your reactions and creativity. The game employs both a very intuitive “color-based” system, that allows you to assess the situation accurately, as well as a “combo system,” which allows for a fast-paced setting.

This guide will explore the initial combat system, the practice grounds, the easy-to-use “Spell Slot” interface, and a few of the known spell categories that can be found in Hogwarts Legacy!

This guide was written before Hogwarts Legacy was released. We will continue updating the guide with more information as it becomes available!

  • Classes will be the main way to gain spells and knowledge.
  • There will be different types of classes that will grant you access to multiple spell options.
  • Most of your classes will be mandatory, however, some of them are completely optional and serve the purpose of enhancing your combat potency.

Now that you are no longer bound to the Muggle world, the first and most reliable way to access new spells to add to your tomes and grimoires will be Hogwart’s Classes. One such example where you will test your mettle in combat will be the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom — a place where you will learn exciting spells and their applicability, such as Stupefy, Protego, and Expelliarmus.

Learning New Spells in Class - Hogwarts Legacy
Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

Such classrooms will be one of the main ways of honing your skills and magical aptitudes, teaching you how to quickly incapacitate your opponents and protect yourself from harm’s way.

Classes in Hogwarts Legacy are specifically tailored to help players gain an advantage in their future adventures, devising crafty new ways of combating any threat that they may encounter. You will gain knowledge in diversified magical schools that vary from specific ward spells, such as Protego, to summoning plants that you learned to cultivate in the Herbology classroom, to cute pets that may turn into ferocious companions and aid you during your travels.

However, since the developers announced that some of the classrooms will be tagged as Side Missions, coming alongside the main narrative, there is no certainty regarding which spells we may enhance or learn during them besides the spells learned during the Main Missions classrooms.

  • The main way to train your magical aptitudes will be against Training Dummies!
  • You can easily access a training dummy by going to the Old Clock Tower and talking to Lucan Brattleby.
  • Lucan Bratteby will showcase a small tutorial, teaching you how Combos work.
  • You can chain Basic Shots with your Spells to create combos.
  • Early in the game, you will not have access to multiple Spell Slots, meaning that you will have to rely on your Basic Shots.

Besides Classes, the main way of training your magical aptitudes will be against training dummies! You will find yourself visiting a very familiar place — the old Clock Tower.

There, you will find one of your younger colleagues, hosting some very interesting activities, a junior wizard by the name of Lucan Brattleby. He will provide a brief introduction, explaining how the Combo system works, and will allow you to test your mettle against a Practice Dummy.

Where to Find the Practice Dummy and Dueling Club - Hogwarts Legacy
Lucan Brattleby

Lucan will grant you some insight into how you can chain your spells and how you can combine them with Basic Shots to deliver the most damage.

While not as lively as a fresh combatant, the Practice Dummy will grant you the opportunity to learn what spell combinations are the best and how they can be chained together. However, Lucan is quick to point out that you can’t spam one single spell endlessly and that every single one of your spells has a specific cooldown. You wouldn’t be a great wizard if you only try to Stupefy your targets, now, would you?

Early in the game, you will not be able to access multiple Spell Slots, meaning that you will find yourself spamming Basic Shots often in between your actual spells. Fret not! We have all seen how powerful our wands can be, even if we simply wriggle them around. Just pray you don’t receive a broken wand, or else you may find yourself sipping on some botanical mixture in the Hospital Ward.

What You Can Learn From the Practice Dummy - Hogwarts Legacy
Practice Dummy

For example, in the image below we have an application of Wingardium Leviosa combined with 4 “Basic Shots”. The UI interface you see in those examples at the top of your screen will only be available during your sparring lessons with the Training Dummy, replaced by your target’s health bar in actual combat.

Example of a Succesful Combo - Hogwarts Legacy
Combo Metter

Keep in mind that Hogwarts Legacy’s combat system is based entirely on the Combo mechanic, meaning that momentum and fast decisions will be crucial to achieving the peak of wizardry.

Currently there is no actual concrete information on this matter, but the Combo system may actually be a way of integrating Ancient Magic Spells, which it seems the Combo Meter Gauge here is for. However, that may just be pure speculation here. Only time will tell.

What Will the Combo Gauge Unlock - Hogwarts Legacy
Combo Gauge
  • The user interface allows you to rapidly change through multiple spells.
  • You can have up to 16 spells in your “Spell Slots”.
  • Your slots are defined by a diamond shape, having up to 4 different diamonds that will be acquired throughout the game.
  • Each one of your spells has a specific cooldown, however, it is hinted that the cooldown is not shared if you change to a different preset.
  • Your “Spell Slots” can be rapidly changed during combat with a simple push of a button to encourage dynamic combat.

Hogwarts Legacy employs a fantastic UI that allows you to quickly cycle through your Spellbook! The devs gave quite a quirky name to this UI, calling it a “Spell Slot”. The idea behind it is that throughout your journey in Hogwarts, you will be able to unlock up to 16 Spell Slots, coming in sets of 4 Spells per configuration.

This will allow you to fully customize your key binds, cycle between 16 devastating spells on demand, and withstand any adversity that you may encounter.

How the Spell Slot Interface Looks Like - Hogwarts Legacy
Spell Slots

As the combat is intended to be fully fast-paced, you will have to devise a large number of combos to utterly stupefy your opponents (yes, pun intended), as a part of your own unique playstyle.

Just like Lucan pointed out earlier, you will have to keep in mind that every spell has its own cooldown, meaning that cycling through a large number of spells and adopting a dynamic playstyle may bring you more benefits than just waiting on your favorite spell. We all would want to just spam Avada Kedavara into oblivion, but, unfortunately, we won’t be able to.

  • Your spells are color coded!
  • Each spell in your “Spell Slots” has a distinct color without repeating itself.
  • Each enemy’s barrier spell has a different color to guide the player, allowing them to counter their barriers with the specific color in their “Spell Slot”.
  • Barriers can be broken by any spell category, not only by offensive spells!
You Can Train with Your Colleagues in the Dueling Club - Hogwarts Legacy
The Dueling Club

Apart from your trusted immobile sparring partner, Lucan Brattleby also offers you a more enticing training activity, even if it’s not officially permitted by the professors of Hogwarts — The Dueling Club. Since you will undoubtedly make many friends and gain companions in your adventures, you will also draw the attention of rivals and even make deadly enemies among your fellow students. The Dueling Club serves the purpose of both quenching those quarrels and giving you live-action practice, besides the one gained during classrooms.

A prime early example of the combat system can be seen from one of the Dueling Club’s fights, teaching you the meaning of colors associated with your spells and how your enemy’s health bar and level are indicated.

  • Your spells are color coded!
  • Each spell in your “Spell Slots” has a distinct color without repeating itself.
  • Each enemy’s barrier spell has a different color to guide the player, allowing them to counter their barriers with the specific color in their “Spell Slot”.
  • Barriers can be broken by any spell category, not only by offensive spells!

As mentioned previously, the colors of the spells in your Spell Slots are not a simple aesthetic choice. During an early fight against other students in the Dueling Club, you will learn that barrier spells such as Protego will not be broken by the same spell. Instead, each enemy’s barrier has a color associated with one of the abilities in your Spell Slots, which can pierce through it.

Spell Categories are Defined by Color - Hogwarts Legacy
Spell Categories Defined by Color

We will be reminded once again that this system is designed around dynamic play and spell cooldowns — you will require different spells to pierce through barriers, each of them indicated by a specific color. You will find that it’s not only the offensive spells that can pierce through Protego, but also spells such as Wingardium Leviosa or Accio.

  • There are Offensive, Defensive, Crowd-Control, and Environmental Spells.

As we venture through the wizarding world of Hogwarts, we will gain access to a plethora of spells that we will be able to use to our heart’s desire.

Those can range from famous the spells such as Stupefy, Expelliarmus, Reducto, and Wingardium Leviosa, to even some from the deadly Dark Arts, such as Avada Kedavra, and even untold ancient and long-forgotten magic that awaits a worthy wizard to reawaken.

Since there is no set spell to use to deflect another magic spell or to pierce through barriers such as Protego, we wizards will be able to fully customize our characters and choose the playstyle that fits us the best. To help you with that, we will break these spells into categories and give you a bit of insight into what they can do.

  • Offensive spells can be chained and are particularly devastating.
  • Ancient Magic and Finisher moves can be discovered through progression.

The Offensive Spells come with the most spectacular and devastating of the magic effects. These can severely wound any opponent you point at with your wand.

They can range from simple spells, such as Expelliarmus and Stupefy, to aggravating spells, such as Diffindo and Incendio. These can even include some highly deadly spells, such as the famous Avada Kedavra.

These spells will be your main way of annihilating your enemies. However, they are best used in conjunction with some crowd-control spells to confuse and slow down your opponents.

Example of the Offensive Spell, Stupefy, in Combat - Hogwarts Legacy

One example of a powerful combination that you can do with an offensive spell such as Expelliarmus is impaling your enemies with their own weapons by following up with Reducto.

If you prove your worth and gain access to the ancient secrets buried deep within Hogwarts, you will become powerful enough to call down thunderbolts upon your enemies and unlock very powerful offensive finishers.

  • Mastering Protego will be the key to your success.

When we think about defensive spells in the wizarding world, one comes immediately to mind — Protego. This spell will see its share of use more often than you imagine. Mastering it will enhance your combat options and lead to some interesting combos.

Example of Spell Deflection and the "Protego" Barrier in Combat - Hogwarts Legacy
Spell Deflection and Barriers

Since Protego allows you to deflect enchanted weaponry and spells, or even fully nullify them, you will not only want to make sure you use it to your utmost advantage, but also remove it from your enemies as fast as possible. You will find many crowd-control and offensive spells that will aid you in this task.

Currently, we only have the confirmation of Protego as a main defensive tool in the game. And yet, we may still find many more surprises awaiting us at Hogwarts as we learn more about the defense against the Dark Arts and the denizens that use them.

  • Crowd-Control spells will be fundamental to dealing with multiple enemies.
  • You will be able to chain crowd-control spells and offensive spells to deal spectacular combos.

Crowd-Control Spells allow you to master a wizard battlefield, allowing you to deal with multiple enemies at once. You may find spells such as Descendo, Accio, Petrificus Totalus, and Windargium Leviosa extremely powerful when used to displace your opponents.

During your adventures, you will discover all kinds of magical or cursed beings, often quite tough and resistant to offensive spells. One of the best approaches against these resistant opponents is to combo your offensive spells with crowd-control spells that can destabilize your targets.

You may find that spells such as Wingardium Leviosa are entirely useless against large monsters. A far better choice, especially against fast-moving enemies, will be Petrificus Totalus, allowing you to stop their momentum and regain the advantage.

Example of the "Petrificus Totalus" Crowd-Control Spell in Combat - Hogwarts Legacy
Petrificus Totalus

While larger enemies are better dealt with by spells that can completely block them or freeze them in place, you will find that humanoid targets are far better dealt with by spells such as Descendo, Accio, and Wingardium Leviosa.

Example of the "Wingardium Leviosa" Crowd-Control Spell in Combat - Hogwarts Legacy
Wingardium Leviosa in Combat
  • The environment is filled with objects you can use in combat.

Besides spells that directly impact your opponents, you will find that the environment offers you many more ways to surprise your opponents: old weaponry laying around, explosive barrels, and even giant rocks or furnishing pieces that you will be able to throw at your opponents.

Spells for Throwing an Environmental Object in Combat - Hogwarts Legacy
Wingardium Leviosa Application in Combat

While it’s still unknown, there are some speculations that you may be able to use spells such as Reducto to destroy some pieces of the environment, also damaging your enemies in the process.

Since Hogwart’s Legacy is a very dynamic game, making the most out of your available resources will make for a far more thrilling adventure, so make sure to keep your eye out for any hidden gems that may further enhance your combat experience!

Hogwart’s Legacy has a very promising and dynamic combat system that allows the player to fully customize their playstyle, providing them with ample ways of defeating any dark denizen or unscrupulous wizard. Not only is the Hogwarts Legacy Combat system extremely fast-paced, but the interface layout also aids in creating a seamless experience, with little to no momentum interruptions.

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