Shiny Beasts – Hogwarts Legacy

While capturing Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, you may come across some with a unique color or a star by their name. These are shiny Beasts, who function identically to normal Beasts but are significantly more rare. They serve as a status symbol for determined collectors, similar to shiny Pokémon.

Shiny Beasts can be found anywhere normal Beasts are. Unlike the typical Beasts however, there’s no guarantee that you will find one in a den at any given time. This means it may take quite a while clearing out beast dens to find one shiny beast.

hogwarts legacy capturing a jobberknoll
You’ll have to do this a lot to get the elusive shiny Jobberknoll

The process to get these shiny animals is simple, but it will probably take a while to get any due to the random nature of them appearing. Basically, you’ll want to catch as many Beasts as possible in a short period of time before forcing them to respawn and repeating. A fast way to do this is to follow the steps below for whichever beast you want a shiny of.

  1. Travel to a den of your choice
  2. Capture every Beast you can
  3. Open your map and change the time with button xbox rightstickpress
  4. Save your game and than reload the save.
  5. Repeat

Following those steps will be the fastest way to get a shiny of your choosing. Keep in mind that this strategy is impossible for Graphorns since only one spawns and you have to defeat it in combat each time you capture one.

Unlike every other Beast, there’s actually an entire den of shiny Mooncalves who will respawn after they are all caught. This den can be found in the Feldcroft Region, east of the South Feldcroft Floo Flame. (map)

We aren’t sure why this den exists or if it’s a glitch. If it turns out to be the latter we will update this section accordingly!

hogwarts legacy four shiny mooncalves
Shiny Mooncalves have a white coat

Shiny variations of Beasts have two distinct traits separating them from normal ones. The first and easiest to identify will be the star by it’s name when hovering over the Beast or looking at one in a menu. They also have a unique color, but it can be hard to tell which color signifies a shiny and which colors represent a normal beast.

For players who don’t believe getting every achievement means you’ve beaten the game, getting every shiny might be the next goal you need to set in-game. Have any questions about shiny Beasts and where to find them? Leave them in the comments below!

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