Harlow’s Last Stand – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Harlow’s Last Stand is the sixth Relationship Quest for Natsai Onai. Natty has gotten word of Theophilus Harlow’s location, and is ready to confront him head on. It’s time to take down Harlow once and for all.

To begin Harlow’s Last Stand, you will need to talk to Natsai Onai, who will be at the Poidsear Coast. If you have never been to Poidsear Coast before (the southeast corner of the World Map), it can be tricky even reaching the area. Luckily, we have a How to Get to Poidsear Coast guide to help you get there! From the North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame (where you will be after reaching Poidsear Coast for the first time), get on your broom and fly far southwest until you are just south of the Bainburgh Floo Flame.

You will find Natty in the middle of a crossroads, during night hours. If you get here during the day, you can wait for her until night time. Talking with her (with playstation square button/button xbox x v2) will begin Harlow’s Last Stand, and will ask for your help — she believes that Theophilus Harlow is planning an ambush against the two of you, and would like your help to get the jump on him and finally take him out.

Note that you cannot use Floo Flames for the remainder of this quest.

Head down the south path and follow Natsai to make your way to Manor Cape — you will quickly see the large structure ahead. Once you reach the front entrance, head in and you will begin a large battle.

You will get ambushed by a group of Ashwinders, all level 26. There will be a few of them with yellow and purple shields, so have the appropriate spells ready for them — such as Accio and Glacius. They otherwise shouldn’t be a huge challenge, especially with Natty there to help you.

hogwarts legacy harlow's last stand harlow battle 1

Once this group is taken out, Harlow will finally show himself, and you will begin fighting him. Harlow has a massive amount of health, but he has only a few differences from a normal Ashwinder — the main differences are: (1) he will occasionally teleport to another part of the area, and (2) he has access to a powerful fire tornado spell; however, this spell has a long and obvious wind-up time, making it easy to avoid.

The battle will initially be only against him alone, so just use your most powerful spells and Ancient Magic, when available. Once you get him down to around half of his health, he will summon a group of Ashwinders to back him up. There won’t be too many of them, and no more will appear afterwards, so just take them out quickly so you can focus back on Harlow.

When you defeat him, he will cast Avada Kedavra in a last-ditch effort to kill you. When this happens, mash the button prompted (it will be a random face button) until you overpower his magic with your own.

Once the battle is over, a cutscene will start. Afterwards, you will automatically be sent to Hogwarts, and the quest will be completed! On top of that, the final quest in Natsai’s line, Acting On Instinct, will automatically begin.

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