Spell Combination Practice 2 – Hogwarts Legacy

Even dueling champions still need spell practice. Lucan Brattleby has another spell combination test to hone your battle skills.

  • Quest Type: Optional Side Quest
  • Location: The Clock Tower, South Wing, Hogwarts Castle (map)
  • Requirements
    • Complete Tomes and Tribulations
  • Rewards
    • 180 XP

To get started, you’ll have to talk to Lucan in the clock tower. If he is not there you will find the option to wait for him where he would be standing. If you haven’t done Crossed Wands 3 yet, you’ll be given the option to compete or practice, select practice for this quest.

The tasks here are similar to those in Spell Combination Practice 1. Make sure you have Accio, Incendio, and Levioso equipped to your spell diamond since you’ll be using those three in every combination.

Starting out simple, just cast each spell in order before the dummy hits the ground. To cast a specific spell, hold down playstation r2 button and select the face button that the appropriate spell is assigned to. Be sure to cast these in the correct order: Accio, Incendio, and finish with Levioso.

This combination implements some basic casts, which you can perform by pressing playstation r2 button. Open up the combination with Levioso, then 3 Basic Casts, Accio, and finally cast Incendio.

hogwarts legacy spell combination 2 final combination
This dummy is not having a good time

The final objective is to complete by far the most complex combination we’ve seen in these quests. Unlike the others, the order isn’t listed so you have to follow the spell indicators at the top of the screen.

The correct order is: Accio, Basic Cast, Incendio, Three Basic Casts, Levioso, Three Basic Casts, Accio, Incendio, Four Basic Casts

Upon successfully completing the combination, you will talk to Lucan again and finish the quest!

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